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Twine River

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  The Twine River flows east to west, from the Murkmantle to Lake Salis. It is formed from streams coming together deep in the forest, before emerging into the Blossom Fields. As it emerges, two other streams enter it, entwining together into a larger river - the Twine. The northern branch is the Ru Ele, or Little Stream, and the southern branch is the Ru Trifle, or Trifling Stream.   This river forms the border between the Vinelands and the Eastmarches, with Ru Trifle falling into Eastmarch territory.  


  The Twine River is a source of logs for particularly brave foresters. Unlike the Timber, which flows past multiple towns on its way from the Murkmantle, the Twine covers a short distance when exiting that ancient forest. Further, the southernmost portion of the Murkmantle is one of the more dangerous and untouched. Unlike further north, where Perryden has slowly chipped away at the primordial woods, here remains dark and untamed.   Nonetheless, wild men and brave foresters still ship log rafts downstream to Acornmill.  


  The Twine is closely associated with Engirim Sanguinaire, a necromancer from the Age of Legends. He was the enemy of Cyldaan Cyrton in House Cyrton's founding myth and was defeated by that ancient hero after terrorizing the countryside. In his defeat, he issued a taege against Cyldaan Cyrton, cursing the land around the Twine.
"Taege upon yours if you strike me down. The waters shall recede until even the rivers are cowering before me, babbling children will be all who inhabit here." - Engirim Sanguinaire to Cyldaan Cyrton
His curse is believed to have manifested in an odd trend in the region. The Twine and its tributaries grow brackish, recede a few feet from the banks, and fish wash up dead every few years. Salty and unnaturally dark water is found as far east as Lake Salis' western islands. Acornmill and Perryden sailors have occasionally reported sea monsters in that portion of the lake.   This curse, and the resulting lack of fish or fertility in the region, led to the border between the Blossom Fields and Eastmarches being unsettled until the Siege of Perryden forced the founding of Acornmill.
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