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Lake Salis


  Named for House Salis, this lake is the smallest of the great lakes of Anhara. Until The Crossing Over, the lake was almost entirely under the control of the Salis family, until their usurpation by House Semillon . On the southwestern shore of Lake Salis, House Thewisy held sway over a small portion of the lake for fishing, rights granted to them by House Salis in return for friendly relations. However, during the chaos of House Semillon's rebellion, the Thewisy family expanded their control to the entire southern shore and small areas to the southeast and southwest.    


  Lake Salis is fed by both an underground spring and The Timber, a river flowing out of the Murkmantle. The lake is drained into the Bay de Noc by the Cooper River. With a number of settlements directly upon its shores, and the Thewisy seat at Somae to its south, it is a major source of freshwater for the region. Unlike most of the Anharan great lakes, Lake Salis lacks nearby mountains, and its immediate area is largely open and flat. To its north, vineyards are cultivated by House Semillon, using irrigation from the lake. Despite its open surroundings, House Semillon and House Thewisy have not been in conflict, and their border along Lake Salis is generally open and peaceful.
Alternative Names   The Lonely Lake


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