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The Timber

Geographical Overview



  The Timber River flows east to west, from the Murkmantle to Lake Salis. It is formed from snowmelt streams coming together deep in the forest, before emerging into the Blossom Fields. It slowly runs northeast to Surlee Rock and Holdout Hill, before arching east and slightly south to Orchard Grove and turning southeast again until flowing past Perryden and into Lake Salis.
"Special licensing granted to rafters, floating, and crews thereof, should confine their activities to the optimal season, reducing disruption to the traffic upon the river. Passing rafts, of all sizes, shall go through territories without tax or tariff, in exchange for a lump transit sum to be paid by the House(s) receiving." - Forest Law
Where the Timber flows out from the Murkmantle sits Axefall. This town is the hub for many small, often seasonal, settlements from which foresters operate. From here, great rafts of lashed together lumber are floated downriver to Perryden, where they are used in that city's shipyards.  


  The river is home to the copyu, a large river rodent. Originally believed to have been massive beavers, which came through the Veil from Mirth, these creatures have shrunk over time.
"Their origin is surely from the Other Side, having come through the Vinelands' many gaps in the Veil. At some point, what was perhaps large beavers or otters have shrunk down into the modern copyu, their orange teeth remaining from a diet of Fae mushrooms." - Bestiary Isidori
Now, they are still large and fearsome, but much less dangerous river rodents. Copyu can be spotted along the banks of the river, an occasional threat to unprepared loggers who are often ambushed for their logs.


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