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Soler Hall

Historical Background



  In the days following the seizure of Perryden, House Perry and their vassals set about exploring the ruins in the southern Vinelands that would eventually become Acornmill. Their priority was survival, and while that started with the construction of the castle of Acornhill, the valley beneath it needed protection as well.
"Frivolity, the great distractor from fear, required the displaced nobility to construct great halls, fulfilling the guest-right and hosting obligations of chivalry." - House Perry: A History
Soler Hall began as a fortified tower, keeping watch over the Cooper Road, a vital path for Thewisy aid to the Braelea forces and the developing Acornhill. After House Perry repulsed Free Company attacks into the 480s, they were able to find enough respite to establish more permanent structures in what would become Acornmill. House Soler's tower grew into Soler Hall.  

Literary Setting

  While Soler Hall keeps a watchful eye over the Cooper Road and surrounding farms, House Soler has gained a reputation for hospitality. The Vinelands as a whole are a storied region, where Anharan Knighthood's traditions go strong, from chivalry to the Romance of Nobility. Small houses like the Soleri contribute to this view through their upkeep of ancient traditions.
"Their location as the last stop before the Eastmarches, or the first step into the Vinelands, made the Perrys a frequent facilitator of guest right for travelling knights. - House Perry: A History
Passing nobles and knights are always welcome in Soler Hall, with ancient guest rights still respected there. Stables and hospitality are provided, and those on quests, though today rare, are entitled to replenished equipment and supplies. This has made Soler Hall a feature of many literary works, both modern reproductions and ancient texts. Many famous knights and characters, even in other regions, are mentioned as having stayed there.  



Old Hall

  The third old hall really, as the prior two were destroyed, the oldest portion of Soler Hall dates to just before the Crossing Over. Most immediately visible is a three story square tower, from which one can gaze up and down the road, topped with a pyre. This tower is the front entrance to what was once a great hall, but by modern standards is far too small, now the family's imagary.
"The vine shall not wither in our field." - Inscription Above Soler Hall's Tower Door
In front of it is a small, fortified courtyard, with a gate opening towards the road. In ancient days, this was where passersby tied up their horses or men-at-arms gathered.  


  The old hall, besides hosting the imagary, also serves as the entry to the main Soler manor. A much more comfortable abode, the cold, defensive nature of the old hall gives way to a warm, fire-lit, banner-draped, great hall. Here are hosted House Soler's feasts, arranged in the traditional method, with a dais and podium for the family at the head of two parallel tables.
"The knightly lord rose at his rostrum, and spake flowery words of welcome. 'Hail good sirs and well met! Sit and rest before your noble quest!'" - Sir Lyonel and the Lion
To the rear of the great hall are the family quarters, and dotted around are the other facilities necessary for Soler Hall to function as a home. However, on the sides of the great hall are quarters and barracks for Soleri forces. These are tightly packed, and surrounded by thick walls, harkening back to the structure's need to resist swift raids.  

Stable & Surroundings

  Soler Hall has long since grown beyond its original, fortified structure. Capitalizing on their reputation and literary references, House Soler has expanded their territory in significant ways. On one hand, the addition of stabling, replenishment, and boarding houses catering to upper class knights and minor nobility has been criticized as cheap and mere innkeeping. Yet on the other, a house at the bottom of the ladder, the most minor of minors, rarely has the opportunity to expand their territory beyond a single building.   Regardless, a questing knight or a minor noble with an empty stomach, has long stopped, and will continue to stop, at Soler Hall.
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