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House Soler

Historical Overview



  An ancient minor house, the Soleri were some of the first knights of House Perry. House Soler can trace its family back to the Era of Legend, claiming mythological figures from the Vinelands cycle. They first appear in the Book of Banners in the 100s, with their colors being green and yellow.  
"... a banner of green and yellow, like the sun over a field; ..." - Rys Thewisy, CQ, Blood Red Blossoms, listing banners in the Braelea host.
  Their banner eventually changed to depict a sun, interspersed with rays, shining upon a young grape vine, showing their dedication to Braelea Loyalism.  


  House Soler played a crucial part in the daring raid on House Reed, helping cripple their ships at the start of the Alainic Uprisings. They continued to distinguish themselves throughout the years of siege, back-and-forth battles, and guerilla warfare around Perryden. Nevertheless, with the rest of House Perry's retainers, they too were forced to flee south to Acornmill.
"House Perry, small in number, unnoteworthy in lineage, unimportant economically, was through their bravery able to postpone House Reed's control over the Timber and thus the Ciderwinde, giving the Cyrtons sufficient time to fortify their river." - Rys Thewisy, CQ, Blood Red Blossoms
House Soler's role as the foremost knights of the Perry court would be continued in Acornmill. They were given the task of holding the valley beneath Acornhill, a crucial intersection of roads connecting House Thewisy with the Vinelands. There they built Soler Hall, a fortified manor watching over the roadway.  

Soler Hall

  Seat of House Soler, Soler Hall guards the now well trafficked Cooper Road, and the junction connecting the farms and groves around Acornmill with the town itself.
"The vine shall not wither in our field." - Inscription Above Soler Hall's Door
A notoriously welcoming family, House Soler will almost oblige traveling nobles and knights to stop for respite in their home. This generosity does not prevent their staying vigilant, and perceptive passersby will notice Soler eyes close upon them.

The vine shall not wither in our field

Geopolitical, Great house
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