Enfindiel's Diadem

Shortly after the Awakening of the Elves, the deity Atezana of the Alevar decided to bestow upon them a gift which would allow one of their number to touch the simpler creations of her partner, Berdea. The wielder of this gift would have the power to communicate with the simpler life forms that were created before the Elves and Fey: animals large and small, songbirds, the beneficial insects that were an important part of nature, even the grasses, and flowers, and trees. This gift took the form of a circlet of the finest gold fashioned to look like a crown of berry-yielding ivy vines -- a Diadem.

Throughout the years, the Lifespeaker of the Elves would use the diadem time and again to become aware of threats to the creatures held dear by Berdea and Atezana, whether flora, or fauna, or Fey, or Elves. But the most significant tale involving the diadem is that of the Lifespeaker Enfindiel Rolaran during the Great Strife.

When the Strife began, Enfindiel had already been the Lifespeaker of the Elves for some three hundred years. She had succeeded her druid mentor; the Diadem had been passed down in this manner since shortly after the Awakening. It was Enfindiel's use of the diadem that permitted the Elves to first become aware of the Wasting - the terrible curse bestowed by Ghaa’raagh the Render and being spread by his priests. And it was her use of the diadem that allowed the Elves to stop the Orcish priests from spreading the Blight throughout the whole of the Feywood.

When the Great Strife ended, the Alevar decided that the world should remember Enfindiel and her contribution to the preservation of Cartyrion. And so Berdea caused new stars to shine in the sky - stars that form a shape reminiscent of the diadem. This constellation, known to all the Folk as Enfindiel's Diadem, rises with the sunset at the beginning of each year.. The diadem itself continues to be passed down from one Lifespeaker to the next, and it continues to be used to help keep the balance of nature on Cartyrion.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The diadem is imbued with magic instilled into it by Atezana of the Alevar, who gave it to the Elves. The wearer of the diadem is given the ability to communicate with all of Berdea's creations, from the tiniest of insects to the mightiest whales in the sea... from the smallest blade of grass to the tallest trees of the great forests. The Diadem enables its wearer to reach out to any living creature whose nature remains unchanged from the time Berdea created it. After 'touching' such a creature, the wearer can experience the world from the viewpoint of that creature.

If the creature is sufficiently advanced to have the capability to form memories, these are available to the wearer of the Diadem. It does not offer any means of controlling the creatures it touches, but if the creature is capable of forming sufficient thought responses, an internalized 'conversation' of sorts is possible.


The diadem was a gift to the Elves shortly after their Awakening in the Firsthome. It is worn by the Elven druid designated as Lifespeaker. In truth, it is the diadem that bestows the the powers that are at the core of the Lifespeaker's role in Elven society.
Formal Name
Atezana's Gift
Alternate Names
Atezana's Diadem, Lifespeaker's Crown, Enfindiel's Diadem
Current Location
Current Holder
approximately 1lb / 450g
An oval sized to fit an Elven head; its magic causes it to resize to fit its wearer.
Base Price
The Elves consider the Diadem to be priceless.
Raw materials & Components
The diadem is in the form of a circlet woven of pure golden filaments in the manner of intertwining vines. Small leaves, also of pure gold adorn the vines. A number of small, exquisitely cut flawless rubies glisten from settings that resemble clusters of berries also set amid the vines. One larger leaf with a large, faceted diamond in its center marks the front of the circlet.
There are no visible tool marks anywhere on the Diadem. It is as if it was simply 'formed' out of the gold and gems that comprise it.
Manufacturing Process
Divinely created by the Alevar goddess, Atezana


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