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Berdea of the Alevar was the first of all the Astralar to arrive at Cartyrion. Finding a beautiful but barren world, he first used his considerable power to create the natural plant and animal life that is now plentiful across the world. After this, his partner, Atezana then Awakened the Fey to protect and enjoy the natural beauty that Berdea had brought forth.

But the Fey were not sufficient for either of them. And so, Berdea, working with his parter Atezana, caused the Awakening of the Elves. Because of this, all Elves acknowledge Berdea and Atezana as their co-creators, offering them some degree of devotion even if they choose to follow another deity.

Most of the devotees of Berdea are either Elves or Half-Elves of any non-Evil alignment. Among the Homekeeper and Forest Elves, he is one of the most commonly chosen primary deities, though Elves of other heritages - and even some Half-Elves - also choose Berdea as the principal recipient of their devotion.

Divine Domains

Berdea is the Elven god of Creation, Nature, Perfection, and the Sun.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Berdea's holy symbol is the Green Oak Leaf. Priests and Acolytes of Berdea can be identified by their wearing of either a necklace/pendant or a pinned brooch of a finely wrought green enamel oak leaf with veins and stem of gold.

Tenets of Faith

One must respect Nature in all its manifestations, doing all one can to preserve and enhance its beauty in every way.

One should never damage or abuse nature in any way. (One may reasonably “harvest” nature for immediate personal needs, but even this should be respectful and not wasteful.)
One must never defile the home of a fey creature under any circumstance.




Towards Berdea




Towards Atezana


Alternate Names
Father Berdea (by Elves)

Deity Alignment
Chaotic Good


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