Dark Wing Soaring and Enfindiel

There are many heroes of the struggles that took place during the Great Strife, but not all of these are of the Folk. In fact, one of the greatest - and well known at least among the Elves - was a crow named Dark Wing Soaring. Originally the hunting companion of an Elven ranger who had named the bird 'Corvatis', this creature was instrumental in the defeat of Ghaa’raagh's priests and the terrible blight the orc deity's priests attempted to spread upon Cartyrion.

Enfindiel Rolaran was the Lifespeaker of the Elves when the Great Strife began. Using the diadem that was the symbol of her office, she was able to communicate with lesser animals all across Cartyrion; it was this communication that first brought the Wasting Curse to light among the Elves. Since the time the Alevar had given the diadem to the Elves - shortly after their Awakening - it's powers of communication had limits. But as the Great Strife threatened to consume the world, Berdea imbued greater powers into it. The diadem had always granted the ability for its wearer to speak telepathically with a lesser creature, and even see through its eyes, but it was not possible to establish such a link without having the creature in question within sight. With the new powers, Enfindiel was able to reach out across vast distances to establish a link with a specific creature.

Dark Wing Soaring became the scouting eyes and ears of the Elves as they scoured the Feywood for the priests of Ghaa'raagh to stop them from performing the ritual that was poisoning the soil and killing flora and fauna alike. For eleven months, the bird would soar above the treetops looking for the orc priests. When found, Elven patrols were quickly dispatched to hunt them down. Finally, the Feywood was cleared of the threat, but the work of Enfindiel and Dark Wing Soaring was not completed. After the Feywood, they traveled to the FIrsthome - the forest where the Elves were first Awakened - and rooted out the blight-causing priests there. Then it was on to one more forest after another. It took twelve years to finally eradicate the priests that were seeking to spread Ghaa'raagh's blight.

During the time of the Blight, much of Cartyrion was devastated, and even today there remain sizable pieces of land that succumbed to the poisons long ago and have not yet recovered. But the spread was stopped, and Dark Wing Soaring returned to his previous simple life of being the companion of an Elven ranger.


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