uPod (YOU-pod)

The uPod is a small electronic device used by one in every three gnomes in Clockworks City, containing their music, photographs, and streamed entertainment. Promoted by Trench Wars as a means to watch the Xtreme sport season on the go, uPod sales increased by 642% after the announcement of the contract between Cherry and WHRN – streaming live Trench combat to viewers.  

About The Device

The uPod is a popular portable media player designed and marketed by Cherry Inc. specifically designed to cut into the growing popularity of Xtreme sports and its growing fan base.   The first version was released 7 months after Alhannah Luckeyfeller dominated season one of the Trench Wars competition. The unique game was already reaching the male gnome audience, but the phenomenal success of the female warrior took the public by the gut, launching its popularity through the stratosphere.   Version 2 of the device was released two weeks before Trench Wars Season 2 finale – again with Alhannah Luckyfeller dominating the battles. Cherry sold an estimated 582 million uPod products in a 72 hour period, setting historical sales records. Cherry later released sales statistics, showing 78% of all sales were by females, 17-24 years of age. Unlike other digital music players, the uPod can connect directly into the exclusive WHRN Trench Network, able to stream events, research stats, as well as check up on a fans favorite S.L.A.G. Pilots. Prior to version 2, Cherry’s uPod software could be used to transfer music, photos, video clips from streams, contact information, and calendars to the devices supporting these features from any Cherry computers using the company’s operating systems.  

uPod Sales

Since its inception, the uPod line has dominated portable digital player sales in Clockworks City, with over 93.4% of the market for stream-based players and over 78.6% of the market for all types of players on the market. During Season 3 and 4 of Trench Wars, the high rate of sales caused its market share to increase from 22% to 87%, and by fall of 735 - CT, this market share was measured at 71.6%. Peaking at 76.2%, Cherry sold the exclusive rights of the uPod to Trench Brothers, Inc. for $27B credits.  

A Lost Technology to a Crying Fan Base

The following season of Trench Wars, with over 600 million dedicated fans relying on the Xtreme sport streams, the uPod was discontinued. All streams were cancelled without explination.


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