The Idea Behind The Hero

I love getting questions, especially fan mail about WANTED:HERO the comic book...particularly from children. What seems to stump them (the children) is why write a story about a guy who can't really do anything?   Why Wendell P. Dipmier??   There is a great deal more to Wendell than meets the eye.   Not only am I referring to the storyline of the comic book, but in my thoughts and development of the character.  
The ideas behind Wendell stem from many instances from my own personal experiences. Situations Wendell finds himself in shadow similar situations I had to solve as a youth.   Not that I had talking diamonds impaling themselves into my chest or that I was transported to distant planets on the far reaches of the known Universe.   As a youth, I was the target of jokes and brutality, as many children are in school.   On the other hand, I was one of those rare few (at the time anyway) that the so-called 'bullies' of the day would practice on 'just because I was there'.   That was what I was told many Friday afternoons, when the recess guard would walk out of site, when I would walk home and was out of view of the school, or even when the teacher left to talk with another student--I was a target.   My personal experiences ranged from being hit and kicked, to being beaten with books, bags, pipes, sticks, tree branches, bottles, chains, rocks and even the concrete itself (being thrown).   Now that would seem horrible enough, but I was chased and caught at least once a week and I can count on a single hand how many times I ever faced a solo opponent.   At my age, that's highly unlikely to happen again.   However, my point here is that I have had a great amount of experience with bullies.   I hate them.   I also stand up to them.   I oppose them.   Wendell is a reflexion of the development I went through as I grew up and how I dealt with people who sought to harm others for the sheer pleasure in doing so.   Wendell was developed as I was struggling to overcome specific mental limitations in my own life and in dealing with violence and violent people.  
What people don't realize when they are faced with the possibility of having to defend themselves, is that they don't have to be 'the very best' to do it. In fact, you don't even have to be GOOD at defending yourself to defend yourself.   You just have to be good ENOUGH...and that is something we can all do.   There will always be someone faster, stronger, bigger and more experienced than yourself--but you can always do something.   Always.   Even when the odds are against you, there is always something for you to do...even if that is nothing more than waiting to see what life brings you on a silver platter to use.   That is Wendell P. Dipmier in a nutshell.  

- Jaime

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