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Sultans of String

Sultans of String are an instrumental music group based in Toronto, Ontario, combining elements of Spanish flamenco, Arabic folk, Cuban rhythms, and French Manouche Gypsy-jazz.   The group's leader is award-winning producer and Canadian musician Chris McKhool.   At the core of Sultans of String's musical vision is the belief that societies derive strength from diversity, and that common ground can be found amidst one's differences.  
"In a way, we are trying to emulate a model for world peace. because we have many musical worlds coming together, and sometimes they understand each other and sometimes they don't. And that's part of the artistic process too, even more so when we're combining these seemingly disparate music styles. That's kind of the Canadian ideal of multiculturalism, the sense of the mosaic. You look up at a stained glass window, and you see all those beautiful colours and they all come together to make one beautiful image. And that's what we're trying to do on a daily basis in our lives and with our music.”
— Bandleader/violinist Chris McKhool


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