Spooktober 2022

During a conversation with those of the Inner Sanctum, including Janet and Dimtri in attendance, the question of Spooktober was brought to their attention. We discussed many of the aspects of the competition, and their variations, but that was not my personal concern. My concern was the requirement of wording in connection to the artwork.   Ya know,...cause I draw for a living.   "Can I draw the prompts as a single picture, then talk about it in 66 words to cover the description?" I asked.   "That sounds reasonable," they responded.   So that covers my 66 word description...and here's the artwork. See if you can find the prompts, listed under the artwork!    
• Portrait
• Mirror
• Broken
• Slime
• Mist
• Shadow
• Spirit
• Thorn
• Relic
• Shatter
• Lock
• Door
• Escape
• Darkness
• Drown


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26 Oct, 2022 08:21


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