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Sewer Rats

Under the great city of gnomes, resides millions of miles of pipping. From gas lines to waterways, giant spheres of cement sewer spheres carrying sludge and personal waste to the furnaces. Protecting, repairing, and ensuring 1.5 billion gnomes can enjoy life without worry is the largest utility brotherhood ever to be organized.   Sewer Rats.   Alright, not the most glamorous name, but it holds great honor and respect in the world of public servants. People spend their who career trying to climb the ladder of success, clawing to get to management, but not the hole jumpers. Those are the people who get the real jobs done, while the suits take all the credit.   But none of the suits have the tattoo on their forearm. If we found one, they’d find themselves sliding down a deep tube with no way out.


To be a Sewer Rat, you have meet several markers along your career. These include:
  • Being a part of a crew for at least five years;
  • Being voted to Crew Leader and serving for at least two years;
  • Been involved in at least one ‘crisis fix’ — the ones where if it don’t get done right, topsiders get hurt;
  • Proven you can work on gas, water, AND sewer pipes, using every tool in our professional arsonry;
  • Get the private vote of at least fifty (50) other Sewer Rats that don’t work on your crew.
  If you meet that criteria, then your life will go down the crapper.  

Crappiest Ceremony

Being a pipe worker is to be looked down upon, shunned by upper class, and abused by management. But it also means you’re ‘real’ folk, the ones who help this great city breathe. So, if you find yourself surrounded by a slew of filthy, white-toothed grinning pipe workers, know your day is about to turn to crap.   Hands and feet tied, representing the way management expects us to get things done without the right tools, you’ll be taken to the central sludge plant. You’ll be walked to the top of the waste management shoot, and thrown in with all the community’s feces.   Passing through the ‘crap of society and abuse’, you will be hosed off, high-fived and given unlimited intoxicating drinks for the next two days paid vacation, while your Sewer Rat tattoo is freshly inked upon your arm.   Welcome to the elite scum of the city.


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