Queen Madigan Character in Wanted Hero | World Anvil
At the center of power, surrounded by The Red Hand, sits a young woman with fiery red hair and a temper to match. She watches over her domain with confidence and utter surety, apologizing to no one for the rule of law her people live by and enforce.   A warriors daughter, Queen Madigan was brought up among the grit and sweat of combat. Trained by dwarves, knights, and priests, Madigan stood her ground upon the death of her father, King Aedon. When the throne is challenged in Darengard, it is the son who stands his ground to hold the family honor and power.   King Aedon had no son.   Yet when Madigan stepped into the Ring of Decision, it was The Red Hand who placed their money on the 5' 4" 'Hound of Valor'.   They made good money that day.


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