Music of Wanted Hero

This all started with Jaime sharing a dream with me.   He wanted to keep his word to the Narrator and at the same time, expand upon the experiences readers could have in addition to the books. He talked about bringing his story to gifted people in the realm of music, with the idea of crossing the bridge of worlds and letting people feel this world...through music.   Problem was, the only thing Jaime can play is his uPod.   What neither of us expected, was having readers provide that experience themselves.   I enjoy being able to provide music to you, the reader, so you can 'feel' aspects of the story. There are great plans in motion and so far people from the following countries have started listening to   USA, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, India, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, Egypt, Andorra, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Netherlands, Estonia, Venezuela, Czechia, Greece, Norway, and now Andorra, South Africa, Egypt, Chile, and Venezuela!   Keep sharing -- our listener base has grown by 700% in 2020!!

Attack on Til-Thorin (new)

Written and composed by Gabriel (Reverpro - from Brazil)  
In my third book, Into the Fire (Book 3) there is a battle scene where the Vallen horde, led by Thule, unleash their hate upon the walls of the southern keep of Andilain.   During this battle, the great mägo Chuck met the magic of the Täuku. The end of the battle resulted in...   Well, you'll have to read the book to find that out.

The Book of Dark Bindings (new)

Written and composed by Tyler Eddington  
No collection of works has had such a devastating effect upon the people of this world, than the forbidden text of the The Unembodied, contained in the Book of Dark Bindings.   Ancient records say this book is the foundation of Mahans power -- and is the only true force that has openly challenged the Ithari herself.

United in Sorrow - The Loss of Kyliene

Written and composed by Ruud Janssen  
Kneeling in silence, each Iskari placed their hands upon the shoulders of those in front of them, creating a web of arms and bowed heads, every one reaching into the center towards Caleb and Moira. Each whispered prayers for the last of a family line, offering up all the love and strength of their people.   They wept as one.   (I fell in love with this specific piece when I heard it.   It's my hope you will also.)

Chucks Theme Song

Written and composed by Tyler Eddington  
There is something about Chuck (Morphiophelius Smith) and the first time our hero met the quirky, slightly off mägo was in Sanctuary, and Wendell P. Dipmier immediately took to him.   When you listen to this new song, think of what we know...   • No one knows how old he is.
  • He's forgotten more about magic than most mägo have learned and is considered the most powerful mägo alive.
  • His greatest gift and most painful curse, is seeing the past, present, and future at the same time, ALL the time.
  ...and no one really knows how much Chuck truly knows.
  In the end, he's always a
  And that's one of the reasons why we love him so much.


Written and composed by Kayla Jessop  
The first time Wendell took a step out into the fresh, tranquil environment of Sanctuary, it took his breath away. The magical landscape of the valley, curing up on either side with bright, reflective crystals, soaking in the rays of the giant sun, to the beautiful architecture which blends daily life with nature.   As unsure and nervous as he was, Wendell wanted to see more.   This lovely song depicts his journey out into the community.
What he saw.
What he felt.

The Fruit Harvest

Written and composed by Kayla Jessop  
Few could truly understand how out of place Wendell was feeling in Sanctuary. Kidnapped from his home untold light years from Earth, and yet the simple kindness of a young girl named Kyliene settled his fears and changed his perspective.   Kindness, Wendell learned, was a universal attribute.   The colors of skin didn't matter. It was their hearts that made them the same.   This song depicts Wendell as he joined the youth of Sanctuary on harvest day, collecting treasured fruit to share with the whole community.  

Remembering Kyliene

Written and composed by Kayla Jessop  
Of all the people I could think of in Sanctuary to desire music for, it was Kyliene.   Sweet, adorable, kind, thoughtful. Someone you just wanted to hug and not let go.   Thanks to Kayla Jessop, you now have the opportunity to 'feel' her personality.   Enjoy,...and thank you, Kayla!  


Written and composed by Kayla Jessop  
To feel the power and connection to the greatest magical artifact in my fictional world? All I could say was, "YES, PLEASE!!"   Beautifully envisioned, masterfully crafted, Kayla Jessop brings to life the centerpiece of my fantasy world...   Please leave a comment wherever you find this displayed...I want Kayla to know how much you enjoyed her efforts!!  


Written and composed by Kayla Jessop  
Swirling sand, wind, magic, snake, gagging, ISH KROTHI UMBALLA!   This is the interpretation of the opening scenes from PRELUDE TO A HERO, between Shea and his father, The High Elder.    

Get your own copy of PRELUDE TO A HERO and experience Sanctuary.

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