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This all started with wanting to expand upon the experiences readers could have as followers of this world. Would it be possible to bring this story to gifted people in the realm of music, with the idea of crossing that bridge of talent, and letting people feel this world...through music?   Problem is, the only thing Jaime can play is his uPod.   The Universe smiled upon us. It lead talented people to craft music for the followers of Wanted:Hero.   I've got to voice my excitement here -- this page being shared with many. When we looked at the stats for the music, we discovered listeners from the following countries:   USA, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, India, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Romania, Sweden, South Africa, Egypt, Andorra, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Netherlands, Estonia, Venezuela, Czechia, Greece, Norway, and now Andorra, South Africa, Egypt, Chile, and Venezuela!   CAN'T SEE ANYTHING? Click here to FOLLOW This World, and you will!


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Dec 29, 2020 12:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is such a great idea! <3

Dec 30, 2020 00:09 by Jaime Buckley

I'm so glad someone thought of it!   (wink)

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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