Wendell's first friend after arriving on Elämä

Of all the youth within Sanctuary, few were as loved as the fair Kyliene. Kind, thoughtful and ever of service to her Nan and those of the Iskari community, the young teen set a beautiful example of what was lovely and virtuous in youth.


I can only imagine how hard it must be, to lose one's parents--then to be raised by a grandmother, one of the respected elders of the community. Yet when doing research on this sweet child, there wasn't much to tell.   Kyliene was a soft-spoken, intelligent and service focused young woman. Dedicated to her family and community, she spent most of her time by the said of her nana, Moira--often in the fields, tending to the Silveen orchards.   Known for her thoughtfullness, many workers of the market looked forward to her visits, sharing in the abundant harvest of fruit.   I did discover that when her parents passed away from a rare disease which infected Sanctuary, Kyliene did not mourn like the rest of the community. Instead, she spoent her time by the side of her infant brother, maing sure his every need was attended to.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Kyliene lost both her parents when she was only ten years old.   The tragic deaths occurred when an outbreak of Lung Gravel was brought to Sanctuary through merchant interactions.   Kyliene and her younger brother Caleb were left to the care of their Nana, Moira.
Current Location
6721 s 6738 s 17 years old
Circumstances of Death
Her life was taken by a possessed body of a Vallen
Forest Green
Curly, Raven Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep Sea Blue
5' 4"
Kyliene first appeared in the book Prelude to a Hero.
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