Growth (of a Character)

What does it mean to you when I say personal growth?   Do you think of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life?   Do you think of all the things you’ve wanted to do or are planning to do?   Or does it remind you of all the things other people say you’ve screwed up on or failed at?   Funny thing is, to me they’re all the same.


Doesn’t matter when you get something, so long as you’re reaching and striving—because when you get it, you’ll get it.   We all have different capacities.   Different talents and different hurtles to overcome in our lives.   That’s a good thing.  

How does this apply to Feä and the Underlings?

To make this story sing, I want to create a connection with kids.   Find a way into their minds and hearts that will, through the course of reading the story, unlock a thought that, ‘Hey, I can do that too,’ feeling.   To use Feä as a way of encouraging readers to self-discover in a safe and protected environment.   Sound sneaky? Call it the father in me.   This is first and foremost about entertainment, but the adventures have to create a good and positive learning environment.   Not everyone will get the lessons, because they’re not bold and in you face.   If you think carefully about your own favorite books, you’ll probably discover that other authors have done the same thing. There is an underlaying theme that resonates with you.   That’s what I want with Feä.
A resonating theme through personal growth.   So we have a child.
He’s the baby male of the family—a respected family and quite powerful (thank you, I engineered it that way).   Feä wants to be like his brothers, who are admired by many, but he’s a child.   That’s not good enough for him.   I think of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, when Charlie goes to talk to his mom. Feä’s mother (based on my wife) loves him, counsel’s him and tries to encourage him, but the child won’t have it...yet.   He wants to prove himself.   This is what I think can be used. He wants to prove himself by doing something extraordinary.
Something everyone else can see...but what?   This is where I have to determine the story arcs. Not just for the first book, but the arc for the trilogy as well—which has to link back to the main CHRONICLES OF A HERO series.   The island Feä lives on is special. It has a higher concentration of magic than anywhere else in the world.   Consider this a version of a Garden of Eden.   The problem is, the island—as well as all the creatures living upon it, are going nuts. Volcano’s erupting, animals freaking out, resources drying up...none of it makes sense to the Underlings.   Now we bring in Feä.   He might be scared, he might be curious, but no matter what the final perspective is—he DOES see an opportunity to do 3 things:
  • Prove his worth;
  • Find the answer to the island, and;
  • Discover his “gave” or gift.
  We now have a foundation for Feä’s character growth.


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