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The FUNNIEST Go Fish Game The Family Will EVER Play!


This game may cause shortness of breath, snorting fits, laughter, and potential jiggling fat. Use at your own risk.


The Game

Created with both the family and social parties in mind, GO Smiley! is the ultimate ‘GO FISH’ game, that will guarantee hours of laughter and enjoyment for everyone.   Based on the magical smiley of Wendell P. Dipmier's shirt from CHRONICLES OF A HERO, our game eliminates:   • The need for reading;
• Knowing your number;
• Even knowing your colors...
  If it doesn't require reading, numbers or colors, then...HOW DOES THIS VERSION OF GO FISH WORK?  
By using COMICAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS instead of colors and numbers.   Each card contains a specific expression (tested by our in-house 2-year-old facial technician Roman Buckley), which are used to ask for matching cards from other players.   "Do you have any...(stick out your tongue with eyes to the side)"...and if the other player does NOT have, they respond, "GoSMILEY!" and you pick a card instead.   Best part is--it's such a fun experience, the whole family will want to play...for real.  
"I thought the small kids would love this, but it turns out the whole family enjoys it. Everyone always ends up laughing and asking for another round. This is extra fun with grandma. We ended up buying extra sets for gifts."
— 5 STARS - Enduring Embers
"COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! I’m in my 40’s and I played this with my two adult children and we were in stitches laughing so hard! Such a simple but fun and entertaining game! We want the expansion pack!!!
— 5 STARS - Chris Cannon

Grab Our Original!

There’s nothing like a fast and fun game that you can play at a moments notice with anyone you know. Well,…anyone who likes to laugh that is.   Our standard pack comes with 52 playing cards and both the basic rules to get started, as well as some fun variables to make this brilliant game even MORE interesting!!

NEW Party Pack!

To add to the family fun, we’ve expanded the game and created a party version, so more players can join in the fun!   Now you’ll have the option of two decks, instead of one. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to buy a single deck if that’s what you want.

Watch Us Play!

Check out this live Twitch Stream of the Buckley's playing GoSMILEY!:
We decided to open up our family game night and invite some good family friends over to try out the new game. The whole house ended up revolving around the kitchen table (as you'll see). The youngest was Wynnie at 6 years old and the oldest being my friend Travis at 31.

A Grownup Experiment

When my kids and I attended a writing convention, we decided to see if we could get complete strangers to join us in playing.   The result were hilarious.   GoSMILEY! captured the attention of award-winning author Dave Butler in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel. He promptly bought several games for his own children but didn't want to wait to try it out.   Before we knew it, Mr. Butler started grabbing people from the convention! Within minutes he had a full game of GoSMILEY! going in front of the lobby fireplace. Eight other authors making faces at one another, laughing and challenging one another with kissy-faces!
  Creator Jaime Buckley and his wife talk about the game:
"This game is SO fun and unique. I love that my little boy who can’t read yet can participate. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy together and my kids beg to play it. And the adults actually enjoy it as well ;) highly recommend, and I will be purchasing more as gifts."
— 5 STARS - Stephanie Bowles
"This game was SO much fun! We love playing go fish with our kids but my 5-year-old boy has a hard time with it and has to ask someone what he’s asking for, but with Go Smiley, we all had so much fun together being silly and loving the game! Thank you!!"
— 5 STARS - Michael A Roller

It's all about Wendell's Shirt

  Wondering where the idea for this game came from? If you don't mind spoilers (read these fantasy books first) then click on the button below...
Tell me MORE!
When the Wanted hero comic books were started back in 2004, one aspect creator Jaime Buckley enjoyed doing was taking the magical qualities of the Mägoweave outfit Wendell P. Dipmier wore and bring it to life in the comic.
When Wendell wears his specific mägoweave, the smiley face on his chest comes to life--sharing the true emotions Wendell is feeling at any given time. He might be smiling, but if he's actually afraid, the smiley on the shirt will show fear!
That's what gave Jaime the idea for this family game. To take the most talked about aspect of the comics and bring it to life in an interactive family card game!

Grab YOUR copy of GoSMILEY! and have fun with your family and friends. Laughter is good for you and you'll have the bonus of getting your 'reserved' friends to make faces at each other...(you're welcome).



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