“State your full name, please, and what you do for a living.”   “I’m not prepared to make any statements at this time. I’d like to see my lawyer.”   “Please be advised -- no one knows where you are. No one will ever know where you are. There is no way to escape this facility, even if you were to get past myself. Security codes alone will contain you for as long as required. I also have full authority to retrieve any and all information from you in any way I desire.”   “Why is he standing there, staring at me?”   “Mr. Tad is here to assist me.”   “Assist you?”   “Let’s me start by explaining three key details about Mr. Tad. First, if his involvement is required, know that every nerve, artery, and muscle group will be abused in ways unimagined. In short, I can guarantee it will hurt like hell. Second, he will begin the session over, retracing each and every punishment to your body if you lie at any point.”   “...and the third?”   “Mr. Tad loves his job.”   “I…see.”   “State your full name, please, and what you do for a living.”   “My name is Tabitha Draman, and I am a political fixer.”   “Please explain what a ‘fixer’ does, Ms. Draman.”   “My job is to make problems and complications for those in leadership positions go away. Without a trace or any possible trails leading back to my employer.”   “Does that include threats?”   “Yes.”   “Blackmail?”   “Yes.”   “Extortion?”   “Yes.”   “Kidnapping?”   “If required.”   “How about murder?”   “I…”   “Ms. Draman, have you ever been involved in the murder of another on behalf of your employer? Yes or no.”   “......”   “Don’t look at Mr. Tad, Ms. Draman, look at me. Your only concern is me right now. Unless you feel you cannot answer the question. Then I am fully prepared to have you discuss the matter with my assistant in private.”   “Yes.”   “Yes,...what?”   “My answer is ‘yes’, I have ended the life of another to protect my employer.”   “Thank you very much for your frank answers, Ms. Draman. That concludes this session.”   “That’s all? You’re done??”   “Yes. I thank you for clarifying your position for me. There’s no need for us to talk further.”   “Wait. If you’re done, why are you leaving me here with him?”   “Mr. Tad will be conducting the conversation at this point, so he can secure the identity of who you work for. Seeing as you are a ‘fixer’, we naturally assume you’ve been trained to avoid revealing the true identity of your employer. That would include the ability to withstand a substantial amount of pain, does it not? Which, I must admit, makes Mr. Tad quite happy to apply his unique craft.   Oh don’t look so worried, Ms. Draman. It has been my experience that fixers, like ourselves, only last seven to ten sessions at the hands of Mr. Tad.   As I said, he loves his job.   Good day, Ms. Draman.”


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