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Coral Blue Turtle

“Only nature could create such a magnificent species… I treasure beyond compare, and the salvation of our people.” - A Duron saying
  Out in the depths of the black coral sea riding upon the waves is a rare species of sea turtle, called coral blue. During the winter months, this blessed creature, peaceful and serene, can be found in family clusters, avoiding the eyes of humankind.   At 63 inches, they have weighed the coral blue in and over 1000 pounds. However, we know it can grow up to 200 inches in length. This species is fruitful, but few hatchlings survive to adulthood because of environmental factors and predators.   Jellyfish, sea urchins, and seagrass make up the diet of the coral blue. Mature adults of this species have been observed feeding on the toxic coral viper. Unlike other turtles of similar size, the coral blue can lower its heart rate and conserve energy, allowing it to stay submerged for several hours. This has allowed it to thwart the efforts of fishermen and other intelligent predators.  

Ancient Duran Mythos

It is said among the Duran people that the coral blue turtle is the child of the great sea turtle, believed to be the shaper of the world. They believed these children to have healing power within their flesh.   Whenever the Duron people discovered a turtle's corpse floating on the waves, they would pull the carcass aboard Seafoam. They believed such an event to be divine. A gift from the gods for the healing and maintenance of their people.   They boil down and consume damaged shells and sections of the flesh so that they waste no part of the carcass. The meat preserved by the salt of the sea can sustain a family for months. The process of boiling down the flash creates a jelly, useful in many dishes and medicine concoctions.   To this day, the Duron remain guardians of the Sea, and consider themselves elder brothers of the coral blue. Of fishing, trapping, hunting of this precious species by any other race will provoke the address of attention of the seafaring people.




The coral blue can reach up to 200" in length.  


At 63" the coral blue has been weighed in at over 1000lbs. This causes us to supposed that a full length adult could weight upwards of 2500lbs+  


Jellyfish, sea urchins, seagrass, and mature adults have been known to feast on the poisonous coral viper.  


Only one in 1000 hatchlings ever make it to maturity due to environmental conditions and natural predators.  

Harvesting Shells:

The full chemical properties from a Coral Blue Turtle Shell can be obtained once the turtle has reached a minimum of 45" in length. NOTE: this is the length of the shell, NOT the total length of the turtle itself.


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Aug 7, 2023 11:50 by E. Christopher Clark

Re-reading this now as I go through all of the articles for the prompt I'm sponsoring, and I'm struck again by their ingenuity in hiding from hunters. I'm definitely left wondering about what preys on their eggs and makes it so that so few of them develop into adulthood, but maybe I don't want to know! Maybe that would be too sad/horrifying for what is ultimately an uplifting piece about an animal so special to the Duron people.

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Aug 9, 2023 17:48 by Jaime Buckley

I don't know if you're like me, but for some reason anything with 'turtles' makes me sad when it comes to harming them.   Not like I enjoy harming anything ELSE, but for some reason, hurting a turtle for...ANY reason, seems wrong.   Does that make sense?

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Aug 9, 2023 21:32 by E. Christopher Clark

Totally makes sense!

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