Carathu ((karah-thoo))

When the world split and Elama called her children to her, she sought those who would be her voice. Yet, not all were to speak in the world’s tongue. Some were to stand as a witness and speak by their example.   This is the Carathu – the untamed hearts – the wild ones.   People without fear, without doubt of who they are, what is expected of them, or how to behave.


Life is a balance. There are rules and there are scales to be maintained. To know that Elama loves her people, her children, and in the end – nothing shall be left out of balance gives this people confidence in how they act, give, never taking more than what is there’s.    

Social Structure

Man and woman are meant to be one. One of heart, one of mind, and one of action. A wife, who gives herself to her husband, receives in return his absolute devotion and faithfulness, giving his life until it is taken. It’s important to understand that a man of the Carathu earns the respect and confidence of his wife through his integrity and strict devotion to family, and she is his pride, joy, and his voice.   The woman who is properly united with her mate, speaks on his behalf. In any circle among ther people, she has all rights, privileges and respect of her husband. When she says his name with ‘tois’ (to-is), she is speaking as if her husband is present. To ignore such and voice is to bring shame on one’s self, as well as the wraith of the man ignored.    

Gender Roles

What makes the Carathu unique in opposition of so many societies, is that they share almost all duties equally, or according to personal skill. The cooking, the cleaning, weaving, building, skinning, and even the teaching of the children – are all performed by both mates. For the family is looked upon as the greatest treasure, of the most value – not only to the couple, but to the Carathu as a whole. Every interaction is considered an opportunity to teach and bond.   However, there are two and only two specific gender roles adhered to with an absolute resolve. The first is that training serpents of any kind is reserved to the males of the community. The second is that riding dragons is exclusively left to the females of the Carathu.   Both roles are due to the hormones of the genders and how serpents react to each in turn.


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