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A Voice of Reason.

The calling of the Nethinim is a violent one. To confront and defeat evil in its most hideous and rampant form.   This can, at times, bring out the less than noble feelings and actions, even from the noblest of beings.   In counsel, one voice continues to stand out, calming conflict, shifting perspectives and calling attention to the finest details--which can win battles and even save souls.   His name is Cane.
Getting to know Cane has been a pleasure.   Always calm and jovial, even when surrounded by intense circumstances, he exudes an undeniable strength and peace. I like that about him.  
When I watched the training of Wendell P. Dipmier it was Cane who stepped in and helped our hero shut out what the world would have him think and feel...and focus on what mattered most: the present. That is what amazed me most about Cane.   There is a surety in the way he moves, thinks and interacts--not only with people but the Universe itself.   Some may think me crazy for saying this--but even his fellow warriors share numerous times when Cane walked into the midst of an enemy force, calm as a morning breeze, and dance among their swinging blades and roaring battle a father playing with infants. Each step made on purpose, at the correct moment, to garner the perfect effect--leading one attack into another. The result?   Many times it will be Cane who leads the enemy to defeat themselves.

The Nethinim

Unlike his warrior brothers of the Nethinim, Cane was visitng Himendor to meet his daughter.   A family of herbalists, he'd parted ways with his daughter and son for several days to gather rare herbs along the sea coast.   Cane found himself in the small village, selling his compilations to those stricken by the Clutching Lung. Before he could move on, Himendor was attacked by Legion, and Cane found himself protecting the herbal shop owners he was conversing with.   The fight pulled him to the center of the village, where he fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Animal MacYoung until the conflict was over. Pierced with many wounds, the herbalist collapsed to the ground in a pool of his own blood.   Though he ventured along the Blue Shore Hills, Cane never found signs of his children.

AGE: Unknown
EYES: Alder Brown
HAIR: Long, snowy white with streaks of mild grey, braided down to his hips.
HEIGHT: 6’ 0”
WEIGHT: 13 Stone

Cane has the strength, endurance, and stamina of a man who engages in moderate regular exercise. He is known for his 'economy of movement', moving perfectly within his environment during the dance of combat.  

Combat Skills

Cane is an expert in many forms of combat, including knife, sword, and spear...but his preferred weapon is a cane (hence his nickname).   However, his true ability is the skill of using the environment at will. His awareness and timing while engaged in combat are second to none, pulling from every source available as weapons, including gravity, leverage, balance, an enemy's own limbs and even the perception of a weapon.


Cane was inspired by Ted Truscott. When he isn't being a tremendous strength to his community, he's talking religion with people from all over the world.
You can learn more about Ted by visiting his Facebook group, Pre-Conception Existence Theology (PCE)


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