Black Market housing

Housing is scarce within the Black Market. Overpopulation and limited resources have forced those who desire to take advantage of the Market life to become creative in their approach to survival and comfort.  
“Life is harsh under the mountain. To do more than exist, one must use what the gods provide. Stone, silt, blood, fire, water…and eyes to see the lessons of the past.”
— A Gypsy Proverb
  While building supplies are imported by those sparse few who can afford them, the majority of the Market is riddled with small and overlapping structures. Homes made of hewn black stone and fire-hardened mud.

Purpose / Function

This is the most common type of housing crafted within the cavernous valley fo the Black Market, though it is mainly for privacy and for the protection of personal goods than protection from the elements. The temperature within the great caverns is always at a steady 67 degrees, and there are no variations in the weather.   The homes of the citizen do, however, provide for a greater concentration or collection of heat in a specific area--which is also advantageous.


Most hovels are built upon. Overpopulation is a problem, but this fact is exasperated by Gypsies refusing to turn their own people out while also encouraging families to be 'fruitful and multiply'.   These additions can be a single room to an entirely new dwelling, usually atop the first established building.


Though there are variations of hovels, each home built contains a:
  • preparation area, usually for cooking/eating and gathering;
  • a room to sleep in--more than one if the family is large;
  • a storage area for goods, food, etc.

Traditional Housing

Not all locals live in structures of stone and mud. Those who hold to the ways of tradition prefer to live in the custom huts of the nomads. These dwellings are a simple, single room approximately 15 to 20' in diameter, usually made of animal skins sewn together.
The roof of a traditional hut is usually covered in woven grass, reeds or other animal skins, those these are rarely cured into leather.


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