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Bagmin's Festival of Laughter and Freedom

The Bagmin's Festival of Laughter and Freedom is an extraordinary event that captivates the hearts of the whimsical and ‘dedicated’ Gnomes. This vibrant celebration, enacted every fifth year, fills their world with joy and laughter, serving as a beloved tradition in their people’s history of survival.   Outside their modern dwellings, amidst the Government-protected trees and manicured greenery, the dedicated Gnomes prepare for the grandeur of Bagmin's Festival. It heralds the arrival of the Gender people upon the wild shores of Pävärios, symbolizing the survival and rebirth of their species. An air of anticipation permeates their community as they adorn themselves in colorful garments, reflecting their playful and spirited nature.  

The Ritual

As the sun ascends the morning sky, the gnomes gather in a vast clearing adorned with replica decorations of battered rafts and broken oars. They form a joyous circle, their tiny voices harmonizing in laughter-filled chants, expressing gratitude for the freedom they hold dear. Then, the enchanting moment unfolds—gnomes wield miniature pouches packed with flower petals, casting them into the air, creating a captivating symphony of colors and scent.   Laughter echoes through the forest as the gnomes engage in spirited battles of joy, playfully showering each other with the vibrant petals. Each color holds significance within the gnome culture, reminding them of the path they had to walk after fleeing their motherland of Humär. Red embodies passion and enthusiasm, blue signifies wisdom and tranquility, yellow represents happiness and prosperity, and green symbolizes the vitality of nature.   In the midst of this jubilant celebration, the gnomes twirl and dance, their movements radiating with energy and mirth. The rhythmic beat of miniature drums and the tinkling melodies of tiny flutes infuse the atmosphere with enchantment. Each instrument is made to be an exact replica of those brought across the waters. Amidst the revelry, the gnomes share delectable treats, from honey-glazed cakes to over-sized cookies and brownies, symbolizing abundance and unity.  

It's Purpose & Meaning

The Bagmin's Festival of Laughter and Freedom carries profound significance for the dedicated Gnomes. It celebrates their hard won freedom—their courage in crossing the depths of the sea, expressing themselves through art and music, and living harmoniously in their new and fortified homeland. It serves as a reminder of their interconnectedness with each other and their responsibility to nurture and protect what they have built anew.   As the sun sets on this wondrous occasion, the gnomes bid farewell to the festivities, their colorful appearances a testament to the joy and liberation they experienced. The spirit of Bagmin's Festival of Laughter and Freedom lingers in their hearts, inspiring them to embrace their freedom and share laughter and good fortune throughout Clockworks until the next celebration arrives, renewing their spirits once again.   Last one off the island is required to tip the clean-up crew.


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