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Sun, Oct 17th 2021 07:57
Immerse yourself in Vazdimet, and interact with its people.


Welcome to the Mordena Embassy, your destination for all official Mordena press releases, treaty negotiations, and current or potential customer inquiries.
  How can we help each other today?
Please have your credits and financial information ready.


Sun, Nov 21st 2021 03:23
Celebrating the freedom to exist.

Sparnell Confederation

Sun, Oct 17th 2021 08:10
Official communications with the Confederation:
May the Glory of Sparnell bring honor to us all!

Vardan Exchange

Sun, Oct 17th 2021 09:11
Looking for a difficult to obtain item? Require a product from a rival faction? Need a way to deliver your product or produce? Seeking a consistent, repeat delivery on a reliable schedule?
  The Vardan Council is available for all your merchandising needs.
  Please Note: The Vardan will not deal in illegal or illegally obtained merchandise.
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Thu, Oct 7th 2021 05:47
Discussions on Vazdimet, its Prose, articles, history, and more.

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Sun, Oct 17th 2021 08:03
Suggestions, questions, and other general purpose commentary on Vazdimet.
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