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Seekers are skilled at finding the lost, or the hidden. Experienced Seekers have honed their skills through meticulous practice, not only in the field but also scouring for information prior to departure. The best Seekers have learned to utilize all resources available to them, likely developing a minor talent for Divination in the process, although Seekers themselves call it intuition or instinct.



As the name suggests, Seekers are the foremost experts at finding the lost, or the hidden. Sometimes these missions are more altruistic in nature, locating lost adventurers or stolen goods. Other times their targets have no wish to be found. Regardless of their nature, Seekers guarantee results, and will not stop until they locate their target.

Social Status

A Seeker's reputation varies by Faction, both their own and the factions of those with the misfortunate to be in their way. Sparnelli Seekers are particularly reviled across the rest of Vazdimet, courtesy of their often violent pursuits of those who don't wish to be found, and their complete disregard for others' laws and safety in the process.   Surprisingly, pirates who prove themselves effective Seekers find themselves in high demand, often with generous offers of citizenship and residence across The Freeholds, and even the insular Space Defense Legion should they prove themselves particularly exceptional. It's not uncommon for those forced into piracy to request work as a Seeker in the hope of improving their lot in life. Those who employ Seekers frequently have learned to request credentials and testimonials, as those without a passion for the work often overlook the meticulous research required prior to the actual hunt.



To be a Seeker is to travel to the furthers expanses of the universe and the deepest, darkest corners of home. The whole of Vazdimet is theirs to traverse.   And yet each also needs their base of operations. Those fortunate enough to own their own spacecraft will frequently set aside a portion of the ship as a research command and control for their hunting efforts. Others are forced to select a stationary office on a planet they call home, chartering flights as needed for their pursuits. Seekers of the Haveid Family use their Family estate as a headquarters of sorts, sharing research and coordination between those still at home and those in the field.

Dangers & Hazards

The actions required by a Seeker in pursuit of their target often skirt the law, or even violate them completely. Often Seekers with a Factions to call their own will still disguise themselves as pirates to avoid causing an inter-factional incident, although if caught they still run the risk of revealing their employer or home faction - especially if their prior actions have angered or insulted their captor. Others are already pirates, and this is their way to make ends meet.   Regardless, if caught where they don't belong, even the best Seekers are often left to fend for themselves if they hope to survive it.
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