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Provisional Election

The democratic process is a point of pride among the Space Defense Legion, and a frequent point of confusion for outsiders granted Citizenship. To assist with the transition, the Body of Appointees has instituted a mandatory Provisional Election for new citizens, as a safe opportunity to participate in the process.


Voters in the provisional election will be granted the same choices as those of the regular election. Votes are counted and totals are made public, same as with the standard elections, but are not added to the formal totals unless the top two candidates for a position are separated by less than a 1% lead. In these cases, the provisional ballots are added to each candidates' total counts in an attempt to separate the vote.   The provisional election therefore serves as the first tiebreaker, providing incentive to its participates to research their votes without adding undue pressure.


Provisional elections are reserved for individuals recently granted Legion Citizenship. Each new citizen is required to vote in the first full provisional election upon the acceptance of their citizenship application, as this is the last step in the process before they are considered full citizens, with all rights and benefits.   Those granted citizenship in the middle of an election cycle must wait until the next provisional election begins.


Provisional elections are timed to coincide with the standard elections, and so occur on a two year cycle. Just like the regular elections, provisional elections last the entire two years, with each event carefully timed to allow new citizens the opportunity to learn, research, and ask questions at each stage of the process.
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