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    Lira smiled warmly. "Thank you, Navigations." She tilted her head. "Or do you prefer Orville?"   It felt weird sometimes to refer to the Ambition's AI by their role rather than their names.   "Depends what you want, Agent Noakes," Orville answered back. "Navigations will get you the on duty Void Necromancer. Which is usually me, since the dead don't sleep, and I'm the head of the Navigations department. But Communications'll get you my Auxiliary, if I'm busy or recovering my magic."
      On board a spacecraft built to Hyperjump, the title of Navigations refers to the Void Necromancer currently responsible for the navigation of the ship and crew through the Afterlife, regardless of their rank or other titles. If a Navigations Afterlife Intelligence is soulbound to the ship, such as for Confederation and Mordena ships, they are considered the primary AI of the ship. In these cases Navigations will typically refer to the AI, although even the dead are entitled to breaks from duty.   Navigations officers are only found on ships utilizing the Hyperjump spell for travel. Navigations will always be a Void Mage with the skills and Imperium reserves to make a jump. For ships using other means to travel the role is omitted, with Maneuverability absorbing all remaining tasks.   Due to the expensive Imperium draw of the Hyperjump spell limiting training to the Cosmically Attuned, coupled with the intense concentration and training required, skilled Void Necromancers are highly valued. Most take this to heart, growing an ego to match. Even their superiors are hesitant to push given the risks inherent if the spell is miscast, meaning that even on military vessels Void Necromancers within the Navigations department are generally left alone and even marked exempt from the more menial tasks split among the rest of the crew, provided they continue to perform their official tasks well.  
    "So... Am I preparing to Hyperjump, or...?" the Navigations AI questioned.   "No, the Relentless will stay at Janikk. Jeb and I will jump back solo." Shane grinned at the disappointment in the AI's voice. "You'd only leave me behind, anyway."   "I would never," Navigations protested, but Shane caught the amusement beneath his indignation even before Feels' confirmation.   "We Void Necromancers have all left officers behind to flex the power we hold on the ship." Shane crossed his arms, voice stern, before relaxing with a laugh. "Even me. Didn't like my performance review. Although, in hindsight, it was accurate."
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