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Fae Don't Dance, and Other Misbeliefs

A children's book about love and acceptance despite cultural differences, Fae Don't Dance (and Other Misbeliefs) was written by a small and diverse team of authors. It tackles many of the misconceptions and even racist beliefs often faced by Libaran minorities, using child-friendly language to tackle its challenging topic.


The book was written to help parents and caretakers teach young children about other cultures and species. To this end, the author and illustrator use cheerful words and bright images, laying out common misconceptions and then disproving them.   The overall message focuses on the importance of accepting diversity, with a faint message of caution against others who do not respect others for who they are, adding a call to action to stand up for those suffering under hate and oppression.

Historical Details


Published in Libaran in 2285 EVT, the book was intended to help combat the Freehold planet's growing racism against non-humans.   While the book quickly found popularity among minorities as well as humans already working toward a more diverse and accepting Libara, it had difficulty breaking through into the mainstream. The Sparnell Confederation's renewed ferocity against the Freeholds the year after publication only served to heighten racial tension, and in 2287 EVT the book was quietly discontinued by the publisher.   Unwilling to allow their effort to slide into obscurity, the book's small team of authors banded together with their illustrator to purchase their rights back from the original publisher. After a prolonged and expensive fight they prevailed, pooling the remains of their resources to republish under their own self-publishing imprint in 2292 EVT.   It has remained in publication ever since, available in its original paperback, hardcover, and digital form, with translations available in Galactic Common. A holographic audiobook version has since been added, narrated by several of its authors in both languages, allowing children the additional entertainment of running through the life-sized illustrations.

Public Reaction


The book's sales have increased significantly since its original printing, ironically in large part due to efforts to shut down publication of the reprint. New attempts to ban the book in various schools and libraries have also served as unintended advertisements, allowing the book to expand its recognition even as detractors slowly manage to limit its distribution.  

Space Defense Legion

A translation in either Legionese or Loxiran is apparently in the works, under a deal with a major Legionnaire publishing house brokered by one of the Vardan Clans, after a copy made its way to the child of a prominent government official within the Space Defense Legion.  


While not the originally intended audience, the book's reprint has found unexpected popularity among the Jannadael. Several of the Mordena's newest recruits have cited the book - and its call to protect others - as one of their earliest motivations to join the mercenary organization.
Illustrated Children's Book
Digital, Holographic
Original Publication
2285 - 2287 EVT
Reprinted Edition
2292 EVT to present

Free Novella: No Way Home

Free Novella

It was supposed to be a simple patrol.
The Sparnell Armed Forces were waiting.


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