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The primary language of the Space Defense Legion planet Loxira, Loxiran is often used across the Legion in vocal entertainement including holovids and song. Contrasted with Legionese, Loxiran is an expressive and emotional, almost romantic language, and much less precise.   Its words and sentences tend to sound flowery, with an assortment of alegorically similar meanings. Even Legionnaires who cannot speak the language have often memorized short phrases or even lullabies, typically to use with a lover or child.  

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

In an effort to work the core worldbuilding articles of Vazdimet, December 2023 is focused on the Magic of Vazdimet, as I work to flesh out my magic stubs.
I'll be working on them in related chunks, starting with Nature Magic, although I'll likely be writing additional stubs as well, as the muse desires. Take a look:



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