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Delivery Day

"Going to be even busier here tomorrow," Felix grinned conspiratorially. "Delivery Day."   "Delivery day?" Lira asked him. "As in food?"   Feliz opened his mouth to speak, but a cheerful female voice answered the question instead. "As in everything! Food. Supplies. Even a one day visit from friends and family back home, since we're not in a war zone."
  Originally little more than each Mordena fleet's designated resupply day, Delivery Day has since taken on a nearly holiday status among the mercenaries of the Grand Armada, as each crew member is permitted to request a personal delivery from Janikk.   While most view the event as little more than a regular opportunity for fresh foods from their homeworld, including pre-prepared meals from their favorite planetside restaurants, ship captains have been known to also approve visitors, items of varying professional or personal uses, and even recreational alchemical supplies dependent upon their effects.


Originally Delivery Day simply involved the resupply of the Turncoat Armada, guaranteeing the ships and their crew possessed the materials necessary to maintain combat readiness. As the Mordena's responsibilities grew, along with their self-sufficiency as they adapted to life as Jannadael, the deliveries expanded to include fresh fruit and other foods, direct from Janikk.   At the same time, Veris Asik was discovering his own love for logistics, assisting the growing fleet in meeting its expanding needs for repairs, maintenance, and morale. Recognizing an opportunity during the construction of Janikk Station, Veris requested the addition of Logistical Staging, to improve the process of re-equipping the fleet. This allowed for the delivery of goods directly to their intended recipients without the need for an interim transport ship, provided the receiving ship cleared out an equivalently sized area for their packages.   With the logistics of delivery streamlined, and sufficient staff to help organize, Veris was able to expand the options for deliveries. Today's Delivery Day is viewed as almost a holiday aboard ship, with crew members able to make personal requests for supplies, food, and even visitors on their fleet's designated day.


Delivery Day rotates across the fleet, on a careful schedule to allow regular deliveries without overexhausting the Void necromancers responsible for casting the delivery spells. In peacetime these deliveries are essentially weekly; in war zones the frequency of deliveries is increased due to the greater needs of the fleet for both operational readiness and morale.   Reminders of Delivery Day are sent two days in advance, allowing all crew ample time to submit their requests. Maintenance requirement lists are updated regularly as needs are discovered and finalized the day before.   On the day of delivery a single large shipment is jumped to the receiving vessel, carefully organized and labeled to allow ease of distribution. The receiving ship is responsible for further transporting between the rest of the fleet. Particularly large fleets will occasionally receive two shipments, hours apart, although this is generally discouraged due to the drain on the necromancers as well as the potential distractions to the receiving fleet. Those fleets regularly requiring multiple large shipments are instead listed twice on the Delivery Day schedule, with personal requests from the crew split between both days.   While visitors are a permitted request on delivery day - provided the fleet is not considered at risk due to armed conflict - their return home will be organized by the receiving fleet, rather than Mordena Logistics and Maintenance. For this reason, all guest requests require personal approval from the Ship Captain.  
"Happy Delivery Day." Jake pulled out a chair and motioned for Lira to sit. "I thought I'd treat you to a quiet dinner, without interruptions, enjoying some of my favorites from Janikk."
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