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The official language of Baden, Badenese sounds like an angrier form of Libaran, the words more clipped but largely recognizable. Linguists hypothesize the two languages share a common ancestor lost to history, as even the close trade relations between both planets fail to explain the remarkable similarities.   Badenese is spoken in a darker tone, and with less inflection than its Libaran cousin. Newer vocabulary in both languages vary heavily, particularly when describing technology, with Badenese layering descriptive words together to form newer words rather than claiming Galactic Common vocabulary as with Libaran.  

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

In an effort to work the core worldbuilding articles of Vazdimet, December 2023 is focused on the Magic of Vazdimet, as I work to flesh out my magic stubs.
I'll be working on them in related chunks, starting with Nature Magic, although I'll likely be writing additional stubs as well, as the muse desires. Take a look:



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