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Ambassadorial Suite

Luxurious Accommodations for Diplomatic Delegations

A home away from home for visiting dignitaries, the Ambassadorial Suite of Janikk Station offers a generously apportioned stateroom, accompanied by an office area and staff quarters. Unlike the majority of the Station, the rooms were designed with an eye for privacy, at least so far as the Jannadaelox understand the concept.

Purpose / Function

Janikk Station was constructed as temporary housing for visitors to Janikk, since only the Mordena are allowed on the planet itself. In addition to providing opportunities for tourism, vacations, and visits from friends and family of the Jannadaelox living on the planet below, the Station was envisioned as a hub for political negotiations dealing with Mordena affairs.   The Janikk Station Ambassadorial Suite was designed to provide a comfortable and largely private living space within the Station for visiting dignitaries from the Freehold Coalition and beyond. Many still choose to remain on their own ships in orbit around Janikk and commute to the station for meetings, with a few preferring to reside within their own customized shuttles in the hangar, but the accommodations are available for those who wish to partake in full Mordena hospitality.   The room is occasionally made available for other guests, with special permission from Mordena Public Relations.


The suite is accessible directly from Station's Portal Transit System, with a private coded portal available directly from the suite office.   For those preferring to walk to their intended destinations, a secure bulkhead door along the same wall offers access into the corridor directly outside the suite.

Contents & Furnishings

The suite is divided into three main sections, providing living quarters for the visiting dignitary and their staff, as well as a large and well-stocked office space.  

Ambassadorial Office

The office includes working space for up to six desk workers, with padded chairs and old-fashioned wooden desks. The outer bulkhead wall has been replaced with a wall to wall, floor to ceiling window providing a stunning view of Janikk and her two moons, as well as whatever portions of the Grand Armada are currently assigned to planetary defense.   Large and exotic plants from Janikk decorate the space, an ever-present reminder of the feral wilderness of the planet outside.  

Staff Quarters

Located along the inner bulkhead, directly adjacent to the office, staff quarters includes sleeping space for twelve. Beds are arranged much like a barracks, with storage lockers available between bunks. A communal bathroom and shower is provided at the far end of the room, including two toilets, two sinks, and an array of showers providing both anemantic and water-based showers.  

Ambassador's Quarters

Along the outer bulkhead, the ambassadorial quarters includes a large double bed, secure storage for both clothing and diplomatic papers, and a private bathroom and shower.   The bedroom also features a full wall window, with dimming features for sleeping purposes.
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Suite Map

Ambassadorial Suite (Janikk Station)
The luxurious Ambassadorial Suite of Janikk Station, designed to accommodate visiting ambassadors and their entire staff.

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