Yintha the Sorcerer


Dale slew the Black King Elwëdorf, and his allies slew the Black King's Trident. The Trident was three great warriors and magicians that advised the Black King and commanded his armies. They were all, as their master, powerful in the ways of the Action Existential.

Pictured above is Yintha the Sorcerer. He was a great magician in the city of Dande-luvinar when he decided to travel west and carve for himself his own land. He didn't found his own realm, but he did make himself into one of most powerful Elves in the west: a member of the Black King's Trident.

He moved in silence. Like Calanne the Naharaim, he used a broadsword. But whenever he struck, a dark power pulsated and cursed the opponent. Besides being skilled with the sword, he was also skilled in the Action Existential and would use his great magical powers to win his battles.

This magic is not the same as the one used today. It was a more old, chaotic sort. One that was personalized to the very individual that commands its powers. Yintha was a master of this magic. He could shape the terrain at will, restore life, or destroy it in a blaze of fire and lightning.

Yintha the Sorcerer fought beside his master till his death. He was slain by Aïnule, squire of Dale, while Dale slew the Black King. The death wail of the Black King destroyed his castle, and Dale could only barely escape with his life -- though he later died of his wounds. The corpse of Yintha is presumably still buried in the rubble.

This knowledge has been recorded in the epic Tar-Aïnua Dale, and we source our information from it.

Year of Death
Oblique, dark

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by WETA Workshop Design Studio


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