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Horseless Carriages

A Steady Means of Transport

Dotting the hinterlands of the City of Juraedon are opulent and imperial noble manors. Verdant gardens with ever-flowing fountains prefaced with tall archways announce the entryways into these establishments of power and prestige. But the world is wide, and the means to travel to these various locales, either on business or pleasure, was usually some form of a horse-drawn carriage. A horse-drawn carriage needs to stop, and there is the possibility of the horse going berserk and running off the side of the road. There is also the extra cost of a driver. Needless to say, this was un-optimal for the regular nobility of Juraedon. Wizards were put to the task to find a new, safer, more reliable means of transportation. Nothing is beyond the ability of Magic to accomplish, and that team of Wizards created the Horseless Carriage -- colloquially shortened and called the H.C.

An H.C. travels day and night. They are often resized to be suitable for a person to lay fully down. Effectively, it is a traveling bed. It can travel 72 miles a day given good terrain. But even with poor terrain, the H.C. manages well. With magically enchanted wheels it only gets stuck or halted in the most dreadful of conditions. Even the heavy snowfalls of the north rarely impede an H.C.

Due to the luxurious accommodations it holds and its relative priceyness, the H.C. has become a symbol of the wealthy landed nobility. The streets of Juraedon are often occupied by these fine carriages, traveling near silently across the paved streets. The rural countryside can be fully enjoyed now that the pains of travel are removed.

On occaison, a large noble party will attract nobles with H.C's from all around. It is quite a sight to behold, the long train of Horseless Carriages coming one after the other, shadowed by the light of their pale lanterns swinging on the carriage belt.

~ 750 Imperial Gold Pieces
Uncommon beyond Juraedon's hinterlands


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