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I've grown up in Urborgasjön, it's a bit sobering to think that I never knew that they were there.
  Vattenfolket or "The water people", are a tiny species of sapient fishlike beings that live at the bottom of large bodies of water. This species and their settlement Lillvattna, was discovered when a pair of Mediators was searching for a body in Urborgasjön, a large body of water close to Urskoga.  


Their skin is light silver grey and scaley. They look like tiny 36cm humans, with fins between their fingers and toes. They have no hair on top of their heads and a tail that is usually about as long as their legs. Proportion wise their legs are longer and their torso shorter than humans.  


They use a strange fabric to cover the lower parts of their bodies. The fabric is currently being examined by supernatural scientists as it appears to have magical properties. Magical items are rare so this is a great find. The fabric is thin, water resistant and glows in different colors in the dark.  


They live in the settlements inside rocks on the bottom of bodies of water. They are very social creatures. However, very little is known about their habitats as they have just been discovered and attempts at communicating are still being made.  


It is believed that they reproduce sexually like fish. But it is not known yet. There has been some suggestions made that they might be hermaphrodites.  


They appear to use a variety of noises to speak with each other, clicks, whistles and what sounds like squeaks and squaks. Attempts are currently being made to communicate with them, however they do not appear to be happy about being discovered so they have tried to dissuade the supernatural scientists who have tried to communicate with them by drenching them in water or swimming away.       (Creatures living below the habitats of regular humans is common in Scandinavian folklore, though, I wanted a people that could've been just found so I came up with my own people.)


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