The Stones

I find those stones a bit creepy. Probably because I don't know why they are there. Nobody knows, apparently. I don't know if I believe that. I mean...somebody has to be the one that put them there, right?
  This monument is four large stones stacked on top of each other. It's 2 meters tall, and the two middle stones have symbols painted on them with red paint. The monument can now be found close to the small wooden harbor in the river named Urvattna. There are, however, reports that the stone monument has been found in other locations around the settlement.  


This stone monument appeared one morning a couple of months ago. A man out walking his dog found it. He walks his dog there every morning and afternoon, and he hadn't seen it before. The stones and the red painted signs on the monument spooked him, and he called the police. The police picked the stone monument apart and took the stones in for evidence.   The next morning the monument was found in the same spot again. Some people have said that they have seen the stone monuments in other parts of the forest and town as well, but these claims have not been substantiated.
Construction date


Nobody knows, or well, at least nobody wants to divulge the information of who or what this stone monument commemorates.   Because the purpose of the monument is not publicly known, the people in town have come up with their own reason for its existence. Some, mostly the non-supernatural people, believe that the monument is a prank by teenagers, while others believe it's there to mark the passing of an evil creature and its henchmen. The creature was defeated around that area in 2020.   If this is true or not only a couple of people know, and they are currently not going to tell anyone.

Cover image: by Jonas Jacobsson


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