Sometimes I've wished to live in another city...I've always returned back here though. Why? Well...I suppose it's because I feel like I belong here. I am born and raised here after all. Even though both of my parents are originally from other places in the world.
— Morgan
Morgan was born to a tailor and a Norwegian fisherman in 1994. Morgan's father moved to Sweden in 1991 to marry Morgan's mother. They had met when Morgan's mother studied in Norway. However, their relationship quickly deteriorated into bitter arguments and in 1999 they divorced. Morgan's father moved back to Norway while Morgan stayed with their mother in the town where Morgan had been born and raised. In 2005 Morgan's mom married again and Morgan got their first sibling at the end of 2008.   Morgan's mother and father have settled their arguments and now have a healthy but distant relationship. Morgan visits their father and other relatives in Norway at least once a year.   After high school Morgan went on to the University in Umeå where they studied Nursing. They finished University at the age of 22 with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. They went back to Urskoga but could only get part time work as a nurse in the small community. They took on another part time job at one of the 3 local supermarkets, They also sometimes work at a café that their friend owns.  


Almost everyone in the small town knows who Morgan is and they have have a lot friends. Their closets friends are Mio, Xayd, Monty & Lilje. All of their closest friends are busy people though so they don't get to spend that much time with them anymore.


Both of Morgan's parents have remarried and they now have 3 step-siblings, two twins who are 8 years old on their father's side and one 14-year-old on their mother's side. Only Morgan's grandmother on their mother's side is still alive. Their mother does not have any siblings while their father has several.


Morgan is an extrovert that loves people. Even though their life started out with a lot of arguing between their parents they say that their childhood was happy. They have a good relationship with their mother, father, stepparents, and siblings. However, when they started dating they always fell for the wrong kind of people...


Morgan is short and they are a bit insecure about this. They are blond but usually bleach their hair teal or mint. They have golden eyes and their right eye is covered by their bangs because of reasons. They usually wear short black tights, thigh-high socks, and hoodies. They have a lot of different colors of these types of items in their closet.


Morgan's motivation is to make people happy and most of the time this motivation trumps their own happiness which hasn't always worked out well. Especially not in previous romantic relationships...


Morgan enjoys cooking, baking, music, podcasts, watching movies, as well as just spending time with other people around. Not necessarily doing anything special. They enjoy just hanging out with people.
Morgan Olsen
28 years
[redacted for now]
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
They/them, he/him, she/her
Place of birth
Current location
bachelor's degree in nursing
Part time at the Health Center, Part time at ICA supermarket
Making people happy & music
People who are mean on purpose
Favorite Food
BBQ steak, garlic & mashed potatoes
A cat named Bread
Theme songs

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