That rumor is stupid. Why would a gaming company want to have their HQ in this town? Or in any town in Sweden?
A video game development and publishing company that is the creator of the hit gacha game Widdrim: Journey through Sunlight.   Not much is known about this company. It was created in 2021 right before its first game was released. People wonder where they had gotten the money to produce and maintain this game before it became big, but nobody knows.  


The name can be read as Häxor, which means Witches in Swedish. It can also be Haxor which is leetspeak for a hacker. Most people believe that it's supposed to mean Häxor because of the ":". But it does not make much sense to name a game development and publishing company that...  


The public knowledge about the company is that Sven Svensson is the chairman, who holds 28% of the shares. The other three shareholders, Jamie Smith, Pablo García, and Zhāng Wěi, have 24% each. The three of them are the directors.   Below these four are Li Marie who is the music director and Chen Fang who is the art director. There is currently around 1892 people working for this company.  


The official history is that the four directors, Sven, Jamie, Pablo and Wěi, had been working for other companies when they were introduced to each other in early 2018. The three Europeans moved to China and together they started up this company.  


While the official headquarters lie in China there are rumors around the net that the actual HQ of the company sits in a small town in Sweden. Not many people believe this rumor. There are also rumors that one of the directors is Robie3355. But people who believed that Robie donated the money he stole to poor children do not agree with this.


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7 Jan, 2023 04:01

I'm here for the New Years event, hello! I l really like this page. I knew HAXOR as l33t speak but it's fun to know it has a different meaning in a different language! And the colon added to the company name to create more confusion. (It doesn't make sense! yells people who don't know they're in a story). It's a fun concept, the real secret HQ of a large company in the middle of nowhere by a small town? It's an intriguing start! I'll have to poke around more in this world.

19 Jan, 2023 20:26

Thank you! Yeah, it's just a rumor that the HQ is in this little town so far though. XD;; ...the rumor came about because one of the voice actors of the MCs in the game suddenly packed up and moved to the town (they were born in the town). Sven Svensson is also orignally from the town.

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