Forest Monster

Have you heard about the monster in the forest? They say that...
— A teen to another
Around 2015-2016, the youth of Urskoga, mostly the commoners, started talking about seeing a monster in the forest. The supernatural community had a town meeting and concluded that there was none of them or their relatives who had been spotted.   Something was roaming in their forest. Or it might just have been the vivid imaginations of the town youngsters. Urban legends had been hot since the 2010s with the advent of creepypastas online like Slenderman, and Jeff the killer. Nothing was done about this even though more and more sightings were reported.
A couple of years later, a group of preteens was out picking mushrooms and berries together. One of them disappeared. The community banded together, and the forest was searched from top to bottom, but the child was not found. Many blamed the monster in the forest, while others said that the child had run away from home, been abducted by somebody from the outside or that the child's friends had killed them.   The reports of sightings of the monster in the forest increased. Now it was bigger, and some reports claimed that it had another little monster following it. An adult was reported missing, but the police wouldn't do anything about it. Adults could do what they wanted.
  The supernatural community in Urskoga had another town meeting where it was decided that a special group would investigate the urban legend and the child's disappearance. Some time passed, and the sightings of the monster suddenly decreased.   A report was sent to the supernatural council that the child had not been found but that the monster of the urban legend had been dealt with. Some members wondered how a figment of people's imagination could be dealt with. But the reports of sightings had, as mentioned previously, decreased.   A little while after the report was sent in another urban legend appeared called The Stones by the people who talked about it.

Cover image: by Jonas Jacobsson


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