Close the curtains and speed up, the smell of these vile profligates is making me ill.
— Tercius Decus, nobleman, before his lynching and murder.
  For the citizens of Lindum there is no more stylish a way to navigate the city than a litter. The easiest way to describe a Litter is a sofa with handles that is carried, and usually by slaves of some description.   The most basic litter is a flat wooden surface with a cushion on top, with handles for two slaves to carry it. The most highly sort after slaves to pull a litter are painted Verstite eunuchs, they are wanted for their strength and stamina, able to carry the litter for miles and miles without complaint. The most luxurious is a fully enclosed affair roughly 3 metres square carried by 8 slaves and with 2 guards, they are lavishly furnished with the finest silks, with all internal surfaces cushioned and the passengers being fully insulated from the outside.   Horse and Cart are available everywhere, they are used widely to transport goods around the world and cities. For those who dwell in the cities and want to avoid the discomfort of the uneven roads they can pay for a litter, either owning or renting. Owning a litter is seen as a status symbol and the quality of the litter and slave pulling it is also seen as a sign of prestige.   Generally the litters in Lindum stick to the more cultured areas of the city, areas around the grand temples, government offices, high end residential areas and the high end shopping areas. A few times a year someone will take a wrong turn or issue a wrong command to their slaves and end up in a dark area of the city, then nothing is found except an upturned litter. Due to their reputation as the domain of the rich, the less well off see them as the ultimate symbol of class divide. The rich literally sectioning themselves off from the poor.

500-2000 Denarii
Common in Cities
Up to 3 metres long
Up to 2 metres wide
Up to 4 metres high
Up to a quarter of a ton.
Up to 10 carrying, with accompanying guards.
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Largest can accomodate up to 4 comfortably.


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