Dwellsteads Castra

Sure, it was a lovely Castra back in the day, the VIIth Legion used to station half a Century there like 80 years ago, but now it's overgrown and all...Kobold'y. Glad you lot are going to sort it out!
— Jorvum Resident to the Adventuring Party
  This ex-Legion castra has stood empty for at least 80 years when the LEGIO VII abandoned it after use as a Legion watch castra. Everything of interest was stripped from the fort but like all great administrative efforts, bits were missed.   There is a rumour that the Standard of the 4th Century of the 7th Legion was left behind in the Castras Porta Praetoria but it is only a rumour. The 7th won't admit to anything as losing a Standard is considered a great dishonour on a legion. There are also rumours of some great hoard of money being left behind but this is also flatly denied for similar reasons.   What is known is that the forest around the Castra has grown back at a rapid pace encompassing it, now all that is recognisable is the stone ruins sticking out from the forest floor. The Castra was built above ground but with large underground holdings for stores, barracks and defence which has led to it being infested by cave dwellers.   At some point over the last 20 years a colony of Kobolds have moved into the disused underground areas turning it into a small fastness where they can scavenge for food and trinkets, until recently they kept themselves to themselves. In recent times sensing the movement of the Legions west they have been conducting small raids on outlying farms in the region and the small Legion presence left in the area has not been able to divert troops to deal with and clean out the old Castra.

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