The Gardener

Redeemed by: Barbarossa Sparklebeard
You might find him in a protected nook of the Thicket of Thorns, or even hiding in the dark near a Pathway. From there, you might be one of the lucky or one of the unlucky ones. He might be there to collect what is soon to be ripped away from you by the Thorns. Or you might be one of the unlucky and be offered a trade. You may have one of the memories or pieces of soul he has collected in exchange for something of value.   The Gardener is always detached from his work - he takes care of the vegetation and passes on the fruits, as it were. If anything, this dispassion might be what is the most disconcerting about him. Everything is just about growing the plants and humans are ultimately fertiliser. His smile might sometimes be happy, but can rarely be called friendly.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

For the most part, The Gardener looks like an old human man, albeit extremely tall and lanky. Most of his visible skin is wrapped in bandages. These might cover up some form of scar tissue. His long fingers can extend to become very shart blades, able to both carefully and forcefully cut the ranches of the Thicket. Or the arms of anyone who can't' remain polite during a negotiation.

Apparel & Accessories

The Gardener, true to his moniker, wear worn and dirty gardening clothes, including a pale slouch hat on his head and sturdy boots on his feet. He carries a bag with various jars filled with the clippings that he sells and with the tools of his trade hanging on the outside. Some tools and potions hang from his utility belt instead.
Current Location
Seen for at least two centuries.
Patchy and grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, with many liver-spots and often diry.
230 cm


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