Thicket of Thorns

In a way, the various worlds could be considered locations next to each other in a multi-dimensional network. Maybe, at some point, these were open to each other and it was possible to traverse the boundaries without issue. Maybe they were divided in ways that locked them in. What is certain, is that the Thicket changed things.   The plants started growing around the Corporeal plane that has the Earth. It started to grow between the planes like a weed. The thick bushes and vines thrived even under the dense canopy. Where possible, paths have been made and are illuminated by the strange yellow-green light that permeates this plane.   Portals to and from other planes are often hard to find as the vegetation will grow over anything in just a day or two. Nothing here lasts. Everything will feed the Thorns eventually.


For the most part, the Thicket seems to grow around paths. Going outside these paths is even more dangerous than usual but is one of the few known ways of finding new worlds. Most of the existing paths have been individuals or groups pushing their way from a partial to their own world to a path that they stumbled across.   When it comes to portals, they are a danger for the world they connect to. The Thicket can grow through a portal and destroy what's ok the other side. The fact that pulling on the branches through Arcana might create minor portals is one reason to avoid it.

Fauna & Flora

There are millions of different kinds of plants that grow throughout the Thicket. Most are dangerous in one way or another. There are mushrooms that, if touched, will make you forget every person you have ever loved. There are vines that will capture you and strip your skin from your flesh and then your flesh from your bones, all while keeping you alive. Don't be fooled by the mind-controlling flowers. And most of all, don't ever let the Thorns from the branches scratch you.   Whenever a thorn manages to pierce your skin, it will take away part of your health, your mind, your memory, or your personality. Wanderers might encounter the husks of those before them who didn't manage to keep a distance.   Of course, there are those who seek out the strange plants here in order to cultivate them and use them elsewhere. This isn't a good idea in most cases as the plants tend to spread. Quickly.


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The Hedge
Dimensional plane
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