Dreams Branch

Those who pull on this branch seek to influence the hopes and fears of others as well as mastering the Astral Plane. It allows someone to practice lucid dreaming, enter the dreamscapes of those asleep, and subtly influence their hopes and concepts of self.   Rituals that guide the branch often use runes, chimes and dream-catchers, idols and figurines, or talismans. Some learn to bring these component to the astral plane while others let them bring their effects through the performer's sleeping body.  

Some possible uses

  • Escape one's own dream.
  • Enter, view, or affect someone else's dream
  • Understand someone's hopes.
  • Give or take away hope.
  • Control the landscape, objects, and entities of the Astral Plane.

Effects of Thorns

When a performer pulls too hard on this branch and is torn by its Thorns, it might rob them of their sleep or their hopes. In some cases, they are instead locked into the Astral Plane, maybe even inside someone's dream. In some cases, they have been known to get trapped in a nightmare of their own. Pulling away from this can be extremely hard if the one suffering the effects loses their faith that it could be done. Other times it is a matter of solving the underlying metaphors that create the obstacles.


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