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WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document - Event Has Ended


These are the articles, concepts and topics I pledge to work on during WorldEmber!

As seen in

January 1st, 2021 has arrived.

I managed just over 5k words during December's challenge. While it was less than I wanted to do, I'm happy with what I got done in the time crunch that was my month. Congratulations to everyone who completed WE2020, and I hope to join the ranks next December! Also, a HUGE thank you to those who showed their support, both here and via other platforms.

The pledged items that I completed are now in bold and the incomplete ones are in italics.

First, an introduction...

I've been a lurker on WorldAnvil for a some time and watched as people have created magic here. Earlier this year, I challenged myself to put my WA membership to use and give my patrons access to the 'behind-the-scenes' world-building I've done for my sci-fi/cyberpunk novels. Now, in the spirit of WorldEmber, I'm taking myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to make my world, Tamyrh, available for non-patrons as well.
May those that find themselves here enjoy the journey.

Here are the items I'll work on in December...

Atlas - Korlune:

Create an article for each of the Korlo Cluster Cities.
1. Riva Cluster
2. Lorsa Cluster
3. Merrow Cluster
4. Thallen Cluster
5. Elune Cluster

Create an article for Diasporan Cities mentioned in book 1.
1. Astel
2. Rostel
3. Sarune
4. Ribal
5. Kairoe
6. Sunaro

Atlas - Ankoresh:

Create an article for each of the following locations mentioned in book 1.
1. The Korsari Expanse
2. Belen
3. Perul
4. Kes

Atlas - The Seep

Create a 'general knowledge' (non-spoiler) section of what's known about the region in book 1.


Create an article for each group.
1. The Korlo
2. The Ankor
3. The Tyran
4. The Birlo
5. The Drakkar
6. The Ebo

7. The Diasporan


Create a 'general knowledge' (non-spoiler) section based on information available in book 1.


Create protagonist, antagonist, and peripheral character articles for those that appear in book 1.

"As Suggested By My Patrons"
I'll leave some room for input from my readers.
This is my first WorldEmber

Tamyrh - The World As It's Known

The World As It's Known
To prevent spoilers, all pins relate to events and locations in book one. 

Start by thinking about the best hierarchy for your world! You might need to read over the blog post again for ideas and advice!
Go to the Articles and categories interface in World Anvil and create your article hierarchy.
Reorganize your articles into your categories!
As a bonus, create a tagging system so you can find and list articles quickly whenever you need to!
Once you’re done, simply write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and copy the URL of your World’s Homepage, so we can admire your exquisite organization! Remember to let us know how you enjoyed the challenge, too!

Create a list of maps and images which might be useful for your world. If you’ve completed the first WorldEmber homework challenge, you can go through your Pledge and see which images and maps you’ll need for the articles listed there.
Find and upload the images to your World Anvil world, either as pictures or as maps! Remember to credit the artists!
Add the images to your pledge document, so you’ll be more inspired when you look at it. You can either do this in a section at the bottom, as a gallery or next to the individual articles!
Once you’re done, simply write a comment at the bottom of this blog post, and re-copy the URL of your WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document into the comment!

Week 3: This is definitely a work in progress - most of my images are still stuck between Muse and physical translation. Character sketches, and images appropriate to the atlas will be a thing.

  • About My Images, Music, & Fonts

    All of the art (banners, images, etc.) that I've created for use on this site are a combination of my own drawings, sketches/illustrations, and photographs, as well as public domain images from CANVA Pro. I have also used World Anvil's WorldEmber logo and headers for each week's homework/challenge.
    Mythspinner Studios is my art identity/business name - Some of my work will be credited as such (especially when I get going on game design). You can find me on NaNoWriMo as Mythspinner Studios.
    All music used is either my own composition or Royalty Free via my membership on Epidemic Sound. Regardless, I'll always give a shout-out to the composer in the video credits.
    All my videos and editing software/effects packs have been appropriately licensed. I use Movavi and XSplit.
    All fonts associated with 'my Brand' (PAG KAROGS, Fledgling, Din 1451 fette Briets, among them) are licensed for commercial use.

The Image Collection

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17 Nov, 2020 09:15

Awesome!! Have fun in your first WorldEmber challenge :D You've got this!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
18 Nov, 2020 03:47

Thank you very much; I appreciate the vote of confidence. :D

Cheers, all!
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