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There are far better places to pick a fight than the Stormlands. At least go somewhere warmer where people pay their bills instead of pulling a knife every time a tab is due.
— Dwenlin Glass - Exiled Dwarven Adventurer
Along Tairos' northeastern coast is a region known as the Stormlands. It's a collection of small, fragmented, chunks of land situated around a very large island known as Storm Sunder. This infamous island chain is regarded as baleful place best avoided by all mainlanders because of the dreadful weather and ruthless communities of raiders that make their home there.
This region is home to two groups of people, the Stormlanders and the malformed giants of Clan Dougal. The Stormlanders are an offshoot of the original tribes of man but like their neighbors the Frostmerites, they struck out on their own rather than join in the efforts to found Balmoral. They are a vicious people who take pride in their harsh environment and who prey upon the helpless for survival. The Dougals are cannibalistic lunatics pursuing their zealous worship of warped flesh and hunger.
In addition to the dangers presented by the inhabitants of the Stormlands there are also threats from nature itself. The region is well known for birthing destructive storms that assail Tairos' mainlands. The ravenous waters around the Stormlands frequently claim ships passing between Frostmere and Tengu Town. And, those not sunk by the weather are fair game for the Stormlander raiding parties.


The stormlands are primarily rocky, barren lands, buried beneath snow, melting slush or floodwaters. There are rare patches of difficult yet green highlands that can support life.

Fauna & Flora

Fish and other aquatic life make up the majority of the Stormlands' fauna. Whales, seals and walruses are the largest animals regularly found here though on rare occasion a roc may choose to make its nest in this harsh land while hunting for aquatic prey.
There is very little vegetation of note. Trees tend to be small, farmable land is hard to come by, and the bitter fruits of some conifers make up the natural bounty of the Stormlands.

Natural Resources

Access to fish and the resources provided by whaling. Also, many of the islands including Storm Sunder are littered with deposits of iron and copper.
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