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knowledge -- The Keepers Books

Tombs of knowledge tended to by the Keeper, the Keepers Books track and document everything.
"Why does mine look different?" she asked.
"Because," he said while taking a pristine book from her hands and placing it back upon the shelf.
"Yours was removed from the Library and placed with your family for update and editing."
Her book, what she'd always thought was THE only Keepers Book, was, at it's heart, the same as the countless books on the countless shelves surrounding her in the Keepers Library. 
But, her book was thicker and bigger and filled with items and papers and writings. 
Keepsakes and wisdoms and cautions and joys. 
Spells and songs and recipes of love and joy and health. Her book was overflowing with hopes and dreams and loves and life.
"Edits and updates?"
"Yes, now we can take all that is new, the tidbits and trinkets that your book contains, and update the story."
"What happens then?"
"Then you get to," he pulled a thin, blank paged book from a different shelf and handed it to her, "start something new."
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