The Road Trip

Hear Someone and Constance discuss the magazine.


Someone voiced by Jon McNally, Constance voiced by Ossandra White
  (Tweet One)
"Key Premonition," Constance read, "Interesting. Wanna try?"
    "Tsk tsk. The roads are barren and so is that book." Someone shook his head. "Everything's boring."
    "Oh. Well, you probably wouldn't get this one anyways..."
    "Oh, really? What's it say?"

  (Tweet Two)
"This book is strange, just as I said," Someone frowned.
    "There are different puzzles, okay? All kinds. Some will land, others, not so much. That just comes with the territory." Constance turned the page. "See? Nest of the Past. It's a word ladder."

  (Tweet Three)
"That...wasn't too bad," Someone hesitated.
    "Yeah. I liked it, too," Constance nodded. "Next up: Dark Winding? Looks like some weird riddle problem."
    "What twisted vista have we here?" Someone raised a brow.

  (Tweet Four)
"Yay. A vague solve. Time to celebrate," Someone said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.
    "Light & Contrast should be better. Just spot the differences," Constance smiled.
    "Oooh! Let me see!"
    "I thought you said you could solve these with your eyes closed?"

  (Tweet Five)
"Too easy," Someone scoffed.
    "Yeah but this one isn't. Check it out: Gem Dreams." Constance smirked.
    "Pish posh," Someone sighed. "Peel back the unnecessary words and this one's simple, too."

  (Tweet Six)
"The Mythical Foretold?" Someone read. "What kinds of names are these?"
    "To quote a guy I know, 'names are unimportant'," Constance sneered. "This word search looks really interesting. Stop cutting your eyes at me. Keep 'em on the road before we crash."

  (Tweet Seven)
"Arrows and Daggers," Constance hummed. "Only one move? How?"
    "Lemme see." Someone snatched the book.
    "We've come to a stop at this railroad crossing. Once the tracks clear, we'll carry on with our nomadic quest and I'll give your little book back."

  (Tweet Eight)
"Okay. I'll admit that one was horrible." Constance grimaced.
    "NO! It was clever," Someone retorted.
    "Whatever," Constance said, snatching the book. "The Complacent Curse is another text riddle thing."
    "Hm. Who should've...? Ah. A true spartan, that one."

  (Tweet Nine)
"Glitch of Death... what a spiteful email," Someone said. "Poorly worded, too."
    "Nice trick here," Constance said, peeking over. "Gimmie that."
    "Wait. I've almost got it."
    "Someone! The road!"

  (Tweet Ten)
"Speak of the road...Chaos Hazard," Someone said. "Bits of signs have fallen off."
    "You look at the real ones, I'll look at these." Constance scrunched her nose.
    "CAR? You've got the road, haven't you?" Someone asked.
    "Activating autopilot," Car said.

  (Tweet Eleven)
"Bold Rule... I see it already." Constance smiled.
    "Oh? Then, tell me: would the ruler accept nickel ore, TV dramas, or guacamole?"
    Constance thought for a moment. "Hmm... I don't think any of those."
    "Are you so sure??"

  (Tweet Twelve)
"Towers Made Manifest..." Constance narrowed her eyes. "It's almost like they copied and pasted the towers everywhere. I feel they could have done wayyy better than this."
    "You're right," Someone agreed, "but I see several kings behind the tower. Do you?"

(Tweet Thirteen)
"Mock and Match...Did they steal this from a grade one textbook?" Someone chuckled.
    "Likely," Constance said. "This is really taking me back to childhood."
    "...let's skip to the next puzzle." Someone quickly turned the page.

(Tweet Fourteen)
"Second to Nothing? Yes! I love these!" Constance squealed. "You know, I could definitely beat you in a word tile game."
    "I'm not so sure," Someone breathed a laugh.
    "Don't cast doubt until we try," Constance mused. "You officially owe me a round, now."

(Tweet Fifteen)
"Room to Claim. Absolutely ridiculous." Someone squinted. "Who'd build a room like this? How can they move around once everything's filled up?"
    "It's just for fun," Constance giggled. "It's perfectly fine to add an absurd story to a normal shape puzzle."

(Tweet Sixteen)
"Raven Mask," Someone exhaled. "Another faux puzzle lacking proper instructions."
    "It must contain some sort of wordplay." Constance stared at the page. "You know the names of chess pieces, right?"
    "Naturally," Someone said. "Ah. I think I've got it, now."

(Tweet Seventeen)
"The Heroine's Shell..." Someone glanced over. "52 words, eh? Let's race to find them all!"
    "You're on!" Constance grinned.

(Tweet Eighteen)
"I'd normally say puzzles like Royal Sprite's List don't get enough justice," Constance murmured, "but, skimming through this book, I'd say they get a little too much justice."
    "It isn't quite the same thing we've seen before," Someone said.

(Tweet Nineteen)
"If Choose Space has nothing to do with space, why theme it this way?" Someone cringed.
    "Artistic choice?" Constance shrugged.
    "Is it a true lapse in judgment? Or a reverse hint from an Unreliable narrator?"
    "I don't think they'd do us like that."

(Tweet Twenty)
"Revert fish? How would one possibly do that?" Someone slurred. "This isn't even what the effects of pollution look like. Do they believe all real blue tangs are identical as if manufactured by some machine?"
    "Once again, just a puzzle," Constance groaned.

(Tweet Twenty-One)
"Protect and Halve. Bury in the soil," Someone grunted. "They wouldn't be letters but the treasures split apart, most of which, realistically, can't easily be cut."
    "How about you take CAR out of autopilot and go back to driving?" Constance rolled her eyes.

(Tweet Twenty-Two)
"Can't Flee From Vision? HA," Someone mocked, "What if he's too fast? Or a plant gets in the way? Or her camera runs out of batteries? Or-"
    "None of that." Constance frowned. "You're supposed to take it at face value."
    "As the boring maths problem it is?"

(Tweet Twenty-Three)
"We would see the dice through the mist. If not, how could the sum of them be known?" Someone asked.
    "Someone. It's a logic puzzle," Constance whined.
    "An unrealistic one. CAR should activate artificial mist so we can test..."
    "Not while we're driving!"

(Tweet Twenty-Four)
"Oooh. Cryptic Abyss is a-maze-ing. Check it out!" Constance giggled.
    "Hmm." Someone furrowed his brow. "Something isn't right about this..."
    "What's wrong? Having trouble?" Constance laughed. "They gave you a sky-high view. It should be a cinch to solve."

(Tweet Twenty-Five)
"Shock Knot? Ho ho! BOMBS!" Someone bellowed. "This one's my favorite."
    "You know you're supposed to try NOT to blow it up, right?" Constance grit her teeth.
    "I like my puzzles as I like my missions: dark nights, tangled wires, danger at every turn..."

(Tweet Twenty-Six)
"Grow or Plunge? More maths," Someone said. "Will they sprout, flood all about, or run out?"
    "Hmmm." Constance watched as Someone pondered.

(Tweet Twenty-Seven)
"Fire on Demand. A new puzzle emerges," Someone said curiously.
    "Or, does it?" Constance teased.

(Tweet Twenty-Eight)
"Diagonal Surrender? My word!" Someone exclaimed. "They multiplied the letters so much they forgot to add instructions."
    "We don't need instructions," Constance smirked, "What's it remind you of?"
    Someone squinted. "A piano, perhaps? I used to play a bit."

(Tweet Twenty-Nine)
"Centimetres," Someone said confidently.
    "Huh?" Constance was confused.
    "Quote Empire: No ruler can rule without centimetres."
    "That's not the answer."
    "You must admit, it was a flourishing attempt."

(Tweet Thirty)
"Push Past or Crash?" Constance read.
    "They've revived the maths puzzles," Someone said. "And the dice puzzles. And the board game puzzles. And the animal puzzles. All in one."
    Constance giggled.

(Tweet Thirty-One)
"Reign in Reverse," Someone furrowed his brow. "They've forgotten instructions again."
    "And, once again, I don't think we need them," Constance smiled. "What does this one remind you of?"
    "Hmm... I feel I've seen it before... in this very book..."

Curious about whether or not your answers were correct? Want further context and more bonus puzzles? Read the whole book yourself!

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Here lies the collection of daily tweets for ShyRedFox's vssCollab challenge...

Two W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agents embark upon a lengthy Road Trip. Someone is not too thrilled with the idea, so Constance purchases a puzzle book at a rest stop to give them something to do. Will they be able to stop annoying each other long enough to solve anything?
This time, I used the vssCollab prompt words for March alongside the EnigMarch prompts to create the puzzles. THEN, I weaved the vssCollab prompt words for April into Somone's and Constance's conversation around them!
  prompt words are bolded and underlined.   clicking a ~~~Number~~~ in the sidebar will take you to the corresponding quote right here on this page.   clicking (Tweet) above that quote will take you directly to the post on Twitter.   clicking here will take you to the beginning of the full Twitter thread.


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