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Lopox Tchex


Lopox Tchex, or Day of Passion is a period during the Kexkol of Nouzik on the Nek, or Celestial calendar. During this period— which, while only one Nek day, lasts an year in the Yat, or Solar calendar. As a Nek year is roughly equivalent to forty Yat years— this day only comes around every forty Yat years, making it all the more special.  

Differing Traditions

Those who celebrate Lopox Tchex do so in a variety of ways, and most do not do so year-round. Instead, celebrations are often periodical throughout the year— or even only once, for some. Its occurrence ultimately depends on the people involved.  

The earthen embrace

Many Hontualieu couples and lovers will partake in a ceremony known as the Earthen Embrace throughout the year. For this, they will travel to the shores of the Cipou River— some use different bodies of water, even baths in farther off locations— cast off their clothes, and begin to cover themselves with mud. Incense made using nearby materials is often lit, as the couple pray to the river for sustaining their lives. The pair will then embrace one another as lovers, until the stars shine above.   As travelling in the wilderness unarmed can be quite dangerous, this is officially discouraged outside of settlements already along the river's shores. A fair number of couples will travel to the untamed wilds which serve as hunting grounds for monsters, regardless— often resulting in death for those who do so without having a third party along to protect them.  


Coulqepluex use this period for business more than love— partnerships and deals are forged in high volumes, and many prepare their stock for the inevitable gift-giving. Couples are expected to buy expensive gifts for one another— both as a show of affection, and to show off one's wealth. Jewelry and furniture around this period are often of lower quality than the rest of the year— and often sold out.   Especially popular are barrel-shaped objects with holes in their centers— symbolizing the Coulqepluex's empty chest cavities. This is seen as a more affectionate symbol than a mournful one. One cannot miss what they never had, after all.  

Love the dead

The Kyteux hold ceremonies for the couples in their families who have passed, celebrating their love in the world of the living as they cannot. Couples will don items owned by the deceased, or keep them nearby— some will light incense the passed are believed to have enjoyed, instead— and profess their love to one another.   A great feast is held— one where extended and close family alike are present— and afterwards, the couples will embrace one another privately. It is believed by donning the items of the deceased, that the living can allow them to feel each other's embrace in the living world once more.  

The Duet

Linnh couples join together to create music, writing "their" song and playing it as the year progresses— by the end, hopefully having finished the piece. Poorer, uneducated Linnh will perform acapella duets, coating the streets in various melodies throughout the nation. Those who are lucky enough to learn instruments will often choose those that compliment one another. In some cases one may find their partner through this, as many single Linnh search for one to compliment their own musical abilities during this period.
Loh-posh Tih-kesh

The storm that follows

During the Nek month of Nouzik— which Lopox Tchex occurs within— human birthrates are increased   As a result, a holiday that encourages further increasing these numbers can lead to sudden spikes in birth rates.   It is believed by some that the increased monster birth rates in the following Nek month of Yek is a direct response to this.   Some, even, believe that the misfortune commonly encountered in Yek is also a result of this— as if Nouzik was a test, which Lopox Tchex encourages many to fail.   Famine and supply shortages in the years following Lopox Tchex are unfortunately common in nations that do not plan and prepare for it ahead of time.

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